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The Piraki Log (e Pirangi Ahau Koe), or, Diary of Captain Hempleman

Vessels Mentioned

page 10

Vessels Mentioned

March 17. Shore-Party landed ex 'Bee', Brig.
(See Hannah, in Glossary.)
When Vessel. Master. Out. Barrels. Remarks.
Dec. 16 1836. Sisters, (Barque) Norris 11 mo. 800 Lost his main mast
Jany 2 Govn. Bourke (do) Powell 15 mo. 1200 Bound for Sydney.
Jany 10 Normuhul (do) Petrie 2 mo. 150 Off the Three Kings
Jany 21 Jas. Colville (do) Maughan 42 mo. 1600 Off the do. Three Kings
Jany 24 Avon (do) Cole. 13 mo. 1350 Off the do. Three Kings
Feby. 1 Columbus (Ship) 10 mo. 100 American.
Feby 3 Sarah Lee (Bke.) Wick. 3½ mo. 30 Do. last from Sydney
Movements of Vessels, mentioned in Diary.
Feb. 17. Bee, Brig. Hempleman. 49 Barrels. Dropped anchor in 4½ fathoms.
Apr. 27. Nile, Ship. American.
Apr. 27. Friendship, Ship. American.
May 20. Caroline, Capt. Cherry.
July 15. Australian.
July 24. Bee, Brig. Sailed for Sydney; arriving there Aug. 9.
Mar. 20.
Dublin Packet, Schooner. With Shore-party and Stores.
Mar. 27. Dublin Packet, Schooner. Sailed.
May 16. Alexander Henry, Ship.
Oct. 23. Dublin Packet, Landed Mrs. H., Eight Men, Stores; and Sailed.
Oct. 24. Taiaroaand other Otakau Chiefs.
Dec. 24. Taiaroa, too sick to join expedition.page 11
Jan. 9-12.
'Boats' going North to fight.
Feb. 12-15. 'Boats' and Canoes returning South.
Feb. 22. Rosalie, Ship. American. (At Wangooloar.)
March 9. 4 Canoes going North to check pursuit.
Apr. 1. Ajax. French Whaler.
Apr. 1. Adele. French Whaler.
Apr. 13. Asia; French Ship; reported in Wangeroar.
May 1. Perseverance, Ship; French; at Wangaloa.
May 1. Samuel Robinson, Ship; American; do. do.
Dec. 26. Hannah, Schooner; Sailed for Sydney, with Oil and Bone.
Jan. 5.
France, Ship; French whaler.
Feb. 6. Jaspar, Ship; American.
Feb. 17. Frances Lueis, Ship; French.
Feb. 19. Roland, Ship.
Apr. 1. Hannah, Schooner; Arrived with Stores.—Sailed Ap. 8.
Apr. 29. Perseverance, Ship; French.—Sailed July 27.
Apr. 29. Samuel Robinson, Ship; American; Capt. Chase.
June 16. Atlantic; in Wangooloa; On 20th her men signed Articles at Piraki.
July 27. Narwhale; Capt. Duvol.—Sailed Aug. 26.
Aug. 13. Sirene, Brig; Capt. Hay.—Sailed Aug. 29.
Nov. 2. 15 Otakau 'Boats', going North.
Nov. 17. Sirene, Brig;—Sailed Nov. 26.
Apr. 11.
Sirene, Brig; With men and Stores.
May 8. Adele, French Ship; Got first Whale. Of Havre. Sailed Aug. 21.
May 11. Cosmopolite, French Ship; From Havre.—Sailed Aug. 11.
June 23. Heva, French Ship; Of Havre.—Sailed July 27.
June 26. Speculator, Brig; With provisions from Port Nicholson. Sailed Aug. 10.page 12
July 3. Concordia, Dutch. (Danish?) Barque; from Copenhagen. Sailed Aug. 13.
July 27. Pauline, French Ship; From Havre.—Sailed Aug. 10.
July 27. Hannah, Schooner; Arrived, for Capt. Hempleman.
—Sailed Aug. 11.
Aug. 14. Man of war's boat, from H.M.S. Britomart, Capt. Stanley, R.N.
Aug. 16. McGregor, Schooner. Sailed next day.
Aug. 29. Success, of Sydney. Sailed Sept. 2.
Sep. 27. Essington, Schooner; of Launceston, Tasmania.
Apr. 3.
Magnet, Brig. Capt. Bruce.—At the Heads.
May 5.
Viaugh, Capt. Bourjoure; French Ship. Sailed July 21.
May 25. Cornet, in Akaroa.
May 29. Rory O'More, Capt. Coles. Sailed June 28.
June 3. Scotia, Schooner. Sailed June 15.
June 10. Inglis, Sailed Aug. 3.
June 16. Bonbon, Capt. Maison.
July 7. Vanguard, Capt. Lovet; In Akaroa, with Stores from Messrs. Wade.
July 8. Royal William.
July 16. Scotia, Schooner; From Akaroa, with men.
July 20. Rainbow.
July 21. Ellenor; Passed the Heads.
Jan. 9.
Bishop Selwyn landed.
Jan. 29. Pickwiss; In Akaroa, with provisions for Piraki.

Refer to Glossary.