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The Piraki Log (e Pirangi Ahau Koe), or, Diary of Captain Hempleman

Remarks, April 1842. — [April 27 to Aug. 30, 1842.]

page 126

Remarks, April 1842.
[April 27 to Aug. 30, 1842.]

1842Wednesday, [Apr.] 27th.—Wind W.; light airs, and fine clear weather. 3 boats out; saw five Whales, and gave chase to them. The Captain returned from Akaroa accompd by the Maori boats with casks, &c.

Thursday, 28th.—Wind W.; moderate breeze, and fine clear weather. Capt: went to Akaroa, with the French capt: in company. 3 boats out. The French Doctor came ashore with medicine to Siddles and the blacksmith. Boats returned.

Friday, 29th.—Wind S.W.; light breeze and foggy weather. 3 Boats out. The capt: returned in the French boat; brought with him some shirts, &c. The Doctor and Mate spent the day on shore. 4 p.m. boats returned. Clear weather.

Saturday, 30th.—Light breeze and foggy weather. 3 boats out; 2 p.m. returned. Brown, from Orsha came, and took off his bellows, nail-mould, and a loan of an anvil. Capt: brought ashore from the Frenchman 2 casks of biscuit in tub, 600 lb. each.


Sunday, 1st.—Wind E.; light airs, and foggy. Four boats out. Carpenter repairing C. Brown's boat. Pinney, cook, signed articles; also William Brown and three Mawrie boys. Boats returned. The men came to the captain to complain of want of grog. He told them, as he could not at present procure them tea, that he would allow them an extra glass of grog each per day, but that none of them should take their grog away in any measure from the door, but drink it on the spot: to which arrangement they unanimously agreed, page 127 Monday, [May] 2nd.—Wind S.E.; fresh breeze, and cloudy. 1842 4 boats out; chased 2 whales—not successful; returned 4 p.m. Siddles at repairs of Brown's boat; carpenter laid up with a sore thumb.

Tuesday, 3rd.—Wind S.; moderate breeze, and fine. Boats out; returned 4 p.m. The French Doctor came on shore to attend Captain Hempelman, who was much better shortly after.

Wednesday, 4th.—Wind E.; moderate breeze, and foggy, with mizling rain. Four boats out. The men returned the biscuit again—not without having used a quantity of them—and said they could not use them. Carpenter Brown spoke the Captain, and said he'd leave the station. He was cautioned not to leave and to return to his work. 4 p.m. heavy rain. The Boats returned: saw nothing. Brown started for Akaroa, accompanied by Phillips.

Thursday, 5th.—Wind E. by S.; moderate breeze, and hazy weather. 4 Boats out. In the morning Captain went on board the French ship Viaugh and got one cask of beef and one of pork. Siddles putting the lining in Brown's boat, noon; Mould returned to stanch his boat—got the French Carpenter to repair her. 3 Boats in chase; returned.

Friday, 6th.—Wind E.; moderate breeze, and fine weather. 4 boats out. Captain Hempelman went to Akaroa; arrived there, and sent back his boat. Delivered to Capt: Bourjoure 4 sacks of potatoes—weight each 116 lb. The boats retd from being in chase. Phil Cooper visited in the long boat; also Brown, from Price's, in his seven-oared boat; Viley, on his way to Akaroa.

Saturday, 7th.—Wind N.W.; light breeze, and fine clear weather. 4 Boats out. Delivered to the French vessel 2 sacks of potatoes—weight 113 lb., and one basket—weight 80 lb. = 306 lb. Phil the Cooper and Viley took their departure—evening, past four. Boats returned.

Sunday, 8th.—Wind S.; moderate breeze, and fine weather. Sent a Boat to the captain at Akaroa. Siddles repairing the page 128 1842 Six-oared boat. Past noon, the captain arrived from Akaroa across the hills—the boat not returned. The whaling boats retd without success. Captain Hempelman went on board the Frenchman to get some things, which were put off till to-morrow. Lent Richards about 12 lb. of pork, 14 lb. of biscuit. Mr. Jones visited from Icollackey.

Monday, [May] 9th.—Wind S.; moderate breeze; overcast. Four boats out. In the morning the Captain went on board the Frenchman and borrowed one cask of flour: said to be 600 lb. Boats retd.

Tuesday, 10th.—Wind S.E.; strong breeze, and clear weather. 5 Boats out. Went with Captain Bourjoure across the hills to Akaroa: slept on the hills—or beach. Captain Bourjoure left an order with Capt H. to get a cask of beef and one of pork, which were got on shore in the evening,

Wednesday, 11th.—Wind S.; moderate breeze, and fine weather. 4 Boats out. Got across in a Mawrie Boat: had a long chat with all friends there, and spent the evening at Devauchalls.

Thursday, 12th.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze, and clear weather. Got Mr. Robinson's boat to put me across the Bay. Started from the beach at half-past 12, and arrived here at 3¾ p.m. Whalers in statu quo.

Friday, 13th.—Wind S.; moderate breeze, and fine clear weather. Captain Hempelman started for Akaroa by boat, accompanied by Moles and his crew. 4 boats out. Fittis returned at 4 p.m.: saw a whale. Boats retd. Capt H. returned from Akaroa, and arrived here past 11 oc'k.

Saturday, 14th.—Wind S.E.; squally, and clear. 4 Boats out. Fittis painting his boat; Sullivan made a hand in Brown's boat. The French capt: not retd from Akaroa.

Evening, past 3 o'c'k.—Capt Bourjoure called, having just come from Akaroa. Brown's boat came in at 2 o'ck. The boats retd; six-oared boat in chase.

Sunday, 15th.—Wind E.; moderate breeze, and clear weather. 4 Boats out. Captain Bourjoure came on shore at page 129 7 o'c'k, and took with him the organ, and also got his seine to 1842 fish. The boats returned—nothing seen. Went on board to Captain Bourjoure for a loan of provisions: he declined, until Mr. Devaushalle's arrival.

Monday, [May] 16th.—Wind S.W.; a gale. All hands under cover. Carpenter at Brown's boat. Gave the hands some extra grog to make up a promise.

Tuesday, 17th.—Wind S.W.; continual gale. Richards and Mould went to Tumbledown to bring his traps. Maori women bolted. Brown's boat repairing. Short of flour.

Wednesday, 18th.—Wind S.W.; strong breeze, and overcast. Too rough to launch: painting Brown's boat. Richards and Mould returned yesterday evening with some traps, his woman, and the Picaninnies. Captain Hempelman sent Fittis on board the Frenchman for a loan of some provisions, which he refused. The men sent a letter to Captain Hempelman stating a want of provisions, and saying if provisions were not forthcoming that they would not continue 2 hours on the beach; that the reason they sent the letter was, because they could not see him personally—although he was up at 8 o'clock and to be seen all day. I can prove that the men have had their rations of meal up to breakfast-time this day—as much potatoes as they could use, and biscuits enough ready at a call.

Evening, past 6.—One of the hands refused to obey any further orders. Captain Hempelman called on him before witnesses, and asked him if he would continue to work. He said he would not. Captain Hempelman then put him under arrest. Shortly after he was told to leave the room, when he went off.

Thursday, 19th.—Wind S.W.; moderate breeze; overcast and hazy. All hands at a stand. One of the hands (Hicks) bolted. Richards and Sullivan crossed the hills to Akaroa with a letter to Mr. Duvochelle.

Friday, 20th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine weather. Started with 2 Boats to Akaroa. Got a quantity of things page 130 1842 from Mr. Duvochelle, and an order to Captain Bourjoure to furnish provisions.

Evening, past 9.—Arrived here, and presented the order. Capt. B. refused the supplies. The two boats (one from Mr. Duvachelle) stopped at the Mawrie Kipe. The 3 whaling boats retd—nothing seen.

Saturday, [May] 21st.—Wind S.; moderate breeze, and fine weather. Went on board again to try Capt. B.: he sternly refused. Anxiously on the look out for Mr. Duvachelle, with whom I left a guide—Sullivan. Brown called on his way from Akaroa, and signed the whaling agreement; also Capt. H. Our 2 Boats arrived. Gave the Mawres boys 3 pairs of shoes and 2 red flannel jackets. The boats arrivd from Akaroa.

Sunday, 22nd.—Wind E.; moderate breeze, and clear weather. At 7 a.m. started with two boats to Akaroa. Overtook Mr. Duvachelle as he landed to cross the hills. He gave a note to his brother for 2 casks of flour and one of pork, and continued on his way to Piracky, guided by Sullivan. I got the provisions and started for here immediately after; A conversation with the commandant and Mr. Robinson.

Monday, 23rd.—Wind S.W.; blowing hard. Mr. Duvochelle came up shore from the French vessel—disappointed. He spoke the hands: said he was very sory that they were so inconvenienced, contrary to the arrangements he had made, but that in three days' time he would be able to continue regular supplies. All hands seemed satisfied. The Boats went out, but were obliged to put back immediately after.

Tuesday, 24th.—Wind S.; light airs; overcast, but fine. Started by boat with Mr. Duvochelle to Akaroa.

Wednesday, 25th.—Wind S.W.; moderate breeze, and clear weather. Mr. Duvochelle got from the Cornet 6 casks of pork, 6 of flour, and 3 of biscuit. I brought by boat one cask of pork, and one of flour; also a cask of Brandy, and 25 lb. page 131 of coffee. Left the remainder to be brought round in the 1842 Rory O'More.

Thursday, [May] 26th.—Wind S.W.; strong breeze, and rainy. No boats out. Carpenter put a lock to the store-room. Drew off by supposed measure fifteen gallons Brandy: got it put in the store-room, with the tobacco, and had the key given me for proper protection.

Friday, 27th.—Wind S.; squally, with rain. Boats all up. Carpenter put boards over the store-room. A Mawrie came from Orsho' on his way to Akaroa, with news of more hands bolting from thence. Wrote letters to Port Nicholson and Akaroa.

Saturday; 28th.—Wind S.; light air, and fine weather. 4 boats out. Richardson went by boat to Akaroa and carried the letters. Balanced accounts with Dennis Kelcher: total amount £13 18s. 1d., leaving him in debt 18s. 1d.

Sunday, 29th.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze, and clear weather. 4 Boats out; Captain Hempelman headed Fittis's boat; all in chase. Bill Brown fastened to a whale—his iron drew. All returned. The Rory O'More came to anchor. Mr. Woods came on shore in Capt. H.'s boat, and spent the evening with us. Got one cask of pork on shore.

Monday, 30th.—Wind S.; a heavy sea on, owing to a strong breeze during the night. Boats up. Captain Hempelman accompanied Mr. Woods on board the French ships. Got ashore from the Rory O'More 5 casks of pork and 5 casks of flour.

Tuesday, 31st.—Wind E.; calm, with heavy rain. 4 boats down. Mr. Duvachelle, Mr. Hoat, and a friend—Mr. Bruice—arrived yesterday evening, past 6, across the hills from Akaroa. Boats retd.


Wednesday, 1st.—Wind S.; moderate breeze; overcast, but fine. Went in company with the above gentlemen to Akaroa, being called on by Mr. Robinson, in the case of page 132 1842 James Hicks, deserter. Evening, past 4, arrived at Akaroa. Mr. Robinson called a court and liberated Hicks—to return to his duty. First whale taken; pulled alongside of her.

Thursday;[June] 2nd.—Wind S.W.; blowing hard. Obliged to stop at the Mawrie Kipe—at McKennin's.

Friday, 3rd.—Wind S.W.; blowing fresh, with a heavy sea on. Still at the Mawrie Kipe. Doing justice to Mc's fish and potatoes. 5 p.m. the Scotia Schooner passed, and taking her for a vessel from Wade put off to her—no news.

Saturday, 4th.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze, with a heavy sea. Started from here, and arrived at half-past 2 p.m. Found four boats out, and hands busy trying out. Complaints.

Sunday, 5th.—Wind S.; moderate breeze; overcast, but fine. 4 Boats down. Brown returned with Fittis's boat to stanch a leak; the other 3 boats retd at 3 p.m. Captain Bourjoure on shore; good terms.

Monday, 6th.—Wind W.; moderate breeze; overcast, but fine. 5 boats down; Fittis in—unwell. Trying in the throat, and other pieces. Yesterday settled accounts with Ferrens and Coffin.

Their sawing bill amounted to £21. 13 0
The rations, &c., &c., came to 20 5 10
Leaving a balance in their favour £1 7 2

Potatoes unaccounted for. Boats returned. Frenchmen caught a whale.

Tuesday, 7th.—Wind S.W.; moderate breeze; overcast, but fine. 4 boats down. Capt. H. went by boat to Akaroa with Mould. Carpenter stanching six-oared boat. Hicks drawing water, &c. Boats returned.

Wednesday, 8th.—Wind E.; moderate breeze, and fine clear weather. 4 Boats down. Captain Bourjoure came on shore to ask for the carpenter to repair his long boat: agreed. Captain Hempelman returned from Akaroa: brought a coil page 133 of whale-line, eight pairs shoes, six lances, a box of soap 1842 (17 bars soap, 3 lb. each), some raisins, pickles, seven trousers, &c. The boats retd.

Thursday, [June] 9th.—Wind N.E.; strong breeze; overcast, and mizling rain. 5 Boats out: Richards in. Glen from Orsho returned this morning in company with our boats. Captain Bourjoure borrowed the old French boat this morning to whale with. Capt. H. rather unwell, having been very ill during last night. On board to try strength! Bravo. Blowing hard, the boats returned.

Friday, 10th.—Wind W.; squally. 4 Boats down. Fittis clearing the try-works of oil, &c. Boats returned. The mate of Viaugh's gun burst—he was not hurt. The Inglis arrived in harbour.

Saturday, 11th.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze, and fine weather. 4 boats down. Richards on shore. Boats returned—nothing seen.

Sunday, 12th.—Wind W.; moderate breeze, and fine. Nothing seen by the boats. Capt. H. taken suddenly ill at 11 p.m., went on Board for the Doctor, who gave him immediate relief.

Monday, 13th.—Wind S.W.; strong breeze; cloudy, with rain. 5 boats down: returned. The capt. 'up and at it'. Mr. Palmer called on shore from the Scotia. Boats returned early. A boat from Orsho: news of six hands having deserted from thence.

Tuesday, 14th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine. The headsmen, from some inconsiderate expressions between them and Capt. Hempelman, stopped in for an explanation. After a few words matters were amicably arranged, but it was then considered too late to go afloat.

Wednesday, 15th.—Wind S.E.; light airs, and fine clear weather. 4 Boats down. Two of the hands—'Jem' and Ray—bolted this morning. Boats retd. In the morning the Scotia sailed. Got some molasses from the Scotia.

Thursday, 16th.—Wind S.; light airs, and fine clear page 134 1842 weather. 4 boats out. Fittis to Akaroa, concerning the deserters. Captain Hempelman went on board the Bonbon, to measure some timber for the sawyers. Richards making lance line; carpenter making a table; cooper half idle; blacksmith lounging.

Friday, [June] 17th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine. 4 boats down. Fittis retd from Akaroa: brought Ray, and left Jem in prison for three months. Recvd a quantity of slops. The Mawries brought from Akaroa 47 baskets potatoes; Fittis 3 D°. In chase of two whales.

Saturday, 18th.—Wind W.; light airs, and fine weather. 5 boats out. The Mawries started for Akaroa: gave them a letter for Mr. Duvachelle, stating want of provisions. The Boats in chase.

A complication of wants. Our spirits quite gone—not even the auxiliary power of mixing sweets with the bitters. But Hope still tells the flattering tale, that Joy will come again.

Sunday, 19th.—Wind S.W.; light breeze, with a heavy sea on. The Boats up, not being practicable to whale outside.

Monday, 20th.—Wind W.; moderate breeze; overcast, but fine, 5 boats out. Cousin Richard called on his way to Akaroa. I was shooting on top of the hill: got 2 pigeons and a 'Kau Kau'. Saw 5 boats towing towards Icallackey. Mr. Devaushalle and Mr. Woods came round in the magistrate's boat. The Rory O'More came to anchor. With Shooks and Co. (?)

Tuesday, 21st.—Wind W.; moderate breeze; rather squally, and overcast. Two boats went to 'Orsho' with Mr. Woods and Devaushall for a loan of provisions. No whaling this day. Boats returned with Mr. D. from Orsho. He brought with him 2 casks of beef, one cask of flour, and some sugar, with hard ware.

Wednesday, 22nd.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and fine. 4 boats out: nothing seen. Capt. H., Mr. D. and Cousin page 135 Richard went to dine on board the Inglis. Richard remained 1842 for the night, to start in the morning for Oisho.

Thursday, [June] 23rd. — Wind W.; strong breeze, and clear weather. 4 Boats out. Mr. Duvaushalle started over the hills for Akaroa. I accompanied him in sight of the Bay, and made 2 fires, lost my cane. On my return I found the melancholy news of William Brown's boat having been capsized by sea, and without any fault to be attributed to him or his crew, by which we were deprived of one of our hands—poor Charles Arnold.

Friday, 24th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and clear weather. 4 boats down. Fittis got a note to 'Oisho' on the heat of the weather. Capt. H. having arranged with Mr. Palmer yesterday evening for some provisions, got them on shore this day, viz. 2 casks of meat (beef), 1 of hard a weather; for which he gave him in return 3 casks of oil, amounting to more than 2 Tuns. Fittis arriv'd E. P. 5 [5 p.m.]: got from Cousin Richard the loan. Palmer got also in barter 3 casks more of oil, making in all 4 Tuns 257 galls. Got a cask beef more from him.

Saturday, 25th.—Wind W.; blowing hard. Boats not out. The men, getting some of their past and promised pay, all quiet. Evening, past 7, a row with Davis: Brown also drunk.

Sunday, 26th.—Wind S.W.; heavy squalls, with rain. Fittis on board the Frenchman since last night. No boats out. Too much grog in circulation—up and at it!! E. P. 5, Mould came for some extra grog to celebrate a birthday. Fittis yet on board. The Boat which he had off got loose, and was washed in on the Beach: got some hands to save her.

Monday, 27th.—Wind S.W.; blowing hard; a heavy sea on. Boats all up. Fittis and Richards still on board the Frenchman. A row with little Allen. Sullivan drunk, but obliging. Denny began to stir.

Tuesday, 28th.—Wind S.W.; moderate breeze; overcast, and mizling rain. Sent a boat off for Fittis and Richards, page 136 1842 who came on shore immediately after, accompanied by the master of the Scotia, to settle accounts concerning the oil, &c. Gave Mr. Palmer an account of the oil delivered him as per Capt. Hempelman's account. Rory O'More sailed.

Evening, past 5 o'clock: From continual remarks, and a want of that confidence which is necessary for me to discharge the duties of my office, I was compelled to make my observations in writing to Capt. H., and to ask for an explanation, and an arrangement for the period which I have agreed for, and called for an examination of the accounts.

Wednesday, [June] 29th.—Wind N.W.; blowing hard. No boats out. All hands steady. Agreeably to my note to Capt. H. yesterday evening, I had an explanation, which is satisfactory for the present, and a strict promise to make alterations in the household affairs. Also a promise to give me a Bill on Mr. Duvaushalle (when the Vanguard arrives) for the amount of wages due to me, and the loan.

Thursday, 30th.—Wind W.; moderate; overcast, but fine. Sea too rough to launch the boats for whaling. Fittis called on the men to collect the whalebone from the head: they refused, and subsequently refused going off in a boat with Capt. Hempelman, assigning as a reason want of provisions, which is not a fact.


Friday, 1st.—Wind S.; moderate; overcast, and hazy. The following men went off bag and baggage for Akaroa, falsely representing a want of provisions — John Allen, Thomas Riddell, James Hicks, Richard Lloyd, James Miller, James Jackson, William Davis, McLaughlin, Alexander Kingston, Joseph Ball, William Whitewood, William Hill (alias Baines).

Saturday, 2nd.—Wind N.; strong breeze, and clear weather. Captain Hempelman called all the hands that remained and offered to give the boatmen the forty-fifth lay, and the boat-steerers the thirtieth lay, to form a 3 boat party. They page 137 refused, stating that they saw no probability of keeping the 1842 station in provisions. Could not muster hands for a boat to Akaroa.

Sunday, [July] 3rd.—Wind N.W.; fresh breeze, and cloudy. More of the hands left for Akaroa. The headsmen offered to pull the capt. to Akaroa, but refused on any other occasion. The cooper started for Akaroa with a letter to Mr. Robinson. Capt. Hempelman gave Capt. Bourjoure a receipt for 4 barrels of beef, 2 of Pork, and one of flour. Got from him an acknowledgement for having received—

£ s. d.
1½ tons of potatoes 12. 0. 0
A whale-boat 16 0 0
Boat-plank 1. 16 0
A steer oar 1 7 6
Globe lamp 1 15 0
£32. 18. 6

Monday, 4th.—Wind W.; strong wind, and clear weather. Could not get hands for a boat to Akaroa. The headsmen came and told Capt. H. that their intention was to leave the station on the morrow, as they saw no probability of getting more hands, and the provisions being almost exhausted.

Tuesday, 5th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine. The headsmen—John Mould, Morrison, and Brown—went off: in their boat, accompanied by the Mawrie boat; Fittis and Lloyd in their own boat, with a letter, and the articles, to Mr. Robinson. The few hands still remaining agreeable to work and stop to the last. Capt. Maison came on shore past 2 p.m. and reported that the headsmen called on board his ship, and that one of them—W. Brown—took his watch from the binnacle, which being immediately missed as they were putting off, he called them on board again, when he saw Brown take the watch from his pocket and drop it into the water. Conveyed on the loft—16 lances, 23 irons, 4 boat-hooks, 3 boat-spades, and 2 mutes, 1 lance of J. C. L.'s; in addition 2 irons, 3 lances, page 138 1842 2 boat-spades, and 4 whifts, 1 boat-hook, 16 oars, 2 steer-oars, 5 oars, and 1 steer-oar. In all, 20 lances, 25 irons, 5 boat-hooks, 5 boat-spades, 6 mutes, 21 oars, 3 steer-oars. A very particular report from Thompson, the blacksmith.

Wednesday, [July] 6th.—'Wind W.; moderate, and fine weather. Scotia in harbour from Akaroa. Nothing decisive in the way of news from thence. All quiet here. Blacksmith on the look out. French ship Viaugh got a whale alongside. Poor Jones from Icollackey.

Thursday, 7th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine weather. Captain Maison returned from Akaroa. News that W. Brown was in gaol for the watch. Vanguard arrived in Akaroa. In company with Thompson, blacksmith, and Capt. H., found the cooper's clothes.

Friday, 8th.—Wind W.; light airs, and fine clear weather. Capt. H. to Akaroa in six-oared boat. Poor Mr. Jones accompanied Appleby, and Harley came to acquaint me that they were leaving the station. I cautioned them not to leave. Capt. returned from Akaroa. Royal William arrived.

Saturday, 9th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and overcast. The Royal William came to anchor. Got on shore. Goods as per invoice from Messrs. Wade. Mr. Ogilvie came on shore.

Sunday, 10th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine. Evening, past 6, drew up new articles, in Mr. Wade's name. Had a most precious blow-up with Capt. H., in presence of Mr.Ogilvie. Called on him for a settlement and wished to leave him.

Monday, 11th.—Wind S.; moderate, and overcast. Capt. H. refused to let Mr. Ogilvie take the oil and whalebone now on the beach, stating that he had given it to Mr. Duvachelle.

Tuesday, 12th.—Wind W.; light airs, and fine. Mr. Ogilvie came on shore and served Mr. Devaushalle, Captain Hempelman, and James Barry, clerk of the station, with orders not to deliver the oil or whalebone to any other person than Messrs. John and George Wade of Port Nicholson. I presented my instructions, which were read by Mr. Duvachelle, who still persisted in taking the oil and whalebone away.

page 139
Weight of whalebone 700 lb. = 6 cwt. 2 qr. 1842
@ £70 £22. 17. 6
2 Tuns 116 galls. oil, @ £12 per ton 29. 10. 6
£52. 8. 0

Fittis went by boat to Akaroa to muster hands for a three-boat party. Mr. D., Mr. Ogy, and the French officer started over the hills for Akaroa. Capt. Lovet got an order from Capt. H. on the bank. Port Nicholson, for the formers passage money.

Wednesday, [July] 13th.—Wind W.; moderate breeze; over-cast, and mizling rain. Opened a box of soap—eighteen bars, 2 lb. each.

Thursday, 14th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and fine. Noon, shooting on top of the hill with Nonpareil—-a, good walker. No news yet from Fittis. Gave to Richards Whaheen 10 regatta shirts, 4 pairs cotton socks, 1 white trousers, and 5 pairs lambs-wool hose to get daubed.

Friday, 15th.—Wind N.W.; moderate, and fine clear weather. During the night heavy rain; snow on the mountains. Some men pig-hunting. The French ashore hooping casks. A promise for me.

Saturday, 16th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine. Pig-hunting; killed 3, yesterday 2. Fittis and Mr. Ogilvie returned from Akaroa. The men came round in the Scotia.

Sunday, 17th.—Wind S., light airs, and overcast. The men came on shore from the Scotia. Baird went off with Price. Fittis went on board and brought off his clothes, which belonged to this station. The men signed articles.

Monday, 18th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine frosty weather. 2 boats out; returned early. Pig-hunting; caught two, and brought one home.

Tuesday, 19th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine clear weather. 2 boats out; returned early in the evening; saw nothing in the shape of whales.

Wednesday, 20th.—Wind S.; light airs, and fine clear page 140 1842 weather. 2 boats down. Went with a party to Home Shore Bay. Poor Edward fired at a pigeon and kept the pistol close to his eye to take perfect aim: it kicked and cut his forehead. Spent the evening on board the Rainbow. The Capt. came on shore with us: stopped for the night, and had a charge preferred of committing somnambulism.

Thursday, [July] 21st.—Wind S.; moderate breeze; overcast. Made out the Tonguer's accounts. The boats returned early: saw no whales. Blacksmith went off. The Viaugh sailed this morning. A boat came round from Price's for Harry Baird's clothes: they were refused him. The Ellenor passed.

Friday, 22nd.—Wind W.; moderate, and overcast. Two boats out. Fittis went to Akaroa. Cutting firewood.

Saturday, 23rd.—Wind W.; light airs, and foggy. The boats returned early. Thatched the fowl-house. Fittis returned—no news. Ellis's woman bolted.

Sunday, 24th—Wind S.; moderate, and foggy. Boats not out.

Monday, 25th.—Wind S.; calm, and foggy. Boats up. Fittis preparing to visit Oisho. A party of the French pig-hunting and pigeon-shooting. Our party beginning to show symptoms of uneasiness at the prospect of affairs—no grog! Bill Hall's boat nearly finished by old curmudgeon. A Frenchman repairing the net. Noon, fog dispersing. The cask of flour expended yesterday: extra consumption attributed to expansion of stomach after gaol allowances.

Tuesday, 26th.—Wind S.W.; calm, and overcast. Went to look out point in Richards' boat, and walked from thence to Oisho. Richards called in evening for a loan of tobacco: got half mops, half brooms. It commenced blowing, and he put in to Icollackey.—Cousin Dick quite well. Fittis started for Port Levie.

Wednesday, 27th.—Wind S.W.; blowing a gale of wind. Boats all in. We were prepared for a shooting expedition, page 141 but the weather was too severe. Spent the evening very 1842 pleasantly.

Thursday, [July] 28th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and over-cast. Oisho boats out and in chase. Cousin Richard and I went shooting up the little river: good sport; returned early.

Friday, 29th.—Wind W.; moderate; and overcast. Oisho boats all out and in chase; they spoke Peracky boats, which I could also discern in the chase. Richards, from being much exhausted, could not call for me. Highly amused with ducks.

Saturday, 30th.—Wind S.W.; moderate breeze, and hazy. Started from Oisho in John Carey's boat, to Look-out Point; then struck across the hills, and arrived here at 9 o'clock, being three hours precisely on the way from Oisho. Found all well here. Boats in, and Fittis not returned from Port Levie. Opened a box of soap—18 bars, 2 lb. each.

Sunday, 31st.—Wind S.E.; fresh breeze; foggy, with rain. The boats up.


Monday, 1st.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze; hazy with rain. Boats not out.

Tuesday, 2nd.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze, and hazy; a heavy sea on. Boats up.

Wednesday, 3rd.—Wind E.; variable light breeze. Boats out. Inglis sailed.

Thursday, 4th.—Wind S.E.; strong breeze; overcast, and showery. Boats up. Capt. H. and Mr. Ogilvie in readiness to go by boat to Akaroa—weather unfavourable.

Friday, 5th.—Wind S.E.; moderate breeze, with a heavy sea on. The boats up. No news of Fittis.

Saturday, 6th.—Wind S.; light airs; overcast, but fine. Boats up. Capt. Hempelman, accompanied by Mr. Ogilvie, went by boat to Akaroa. Fittis, after twelve days' spell, returned with two fresh hands: he was eight days at Akaroa windbound.

Sunday, 7th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine. Fittis, with 2 page 142 1842 Boats, whaling. Capt. H. returned from Akaroa, accompanied by Mr. Ogilvie—a screw loose.

Monday, [Aug.] 8th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and fine. Boats in: men refractory—want of slops, and grog.

Tuesday, 9th.—Wind W.; moderate breeze; overcast, but fine. Men preparing to be off. On the look out for Mr. Duvachelle, who promised to visit to-day.

With whalers, and whaling, there's always complaining,
Like a boat or a mill out of tune;
While the whales are in Bay the men run away—
And we'll have a clear stage of it soon.

Thus when the lamp that lighteth
The traveller at first goes out,
He feels awhile benighted,
And looks around in fear and doubt.
But soon, the prospect clearing,
By cloudless starlight on he treads,
And thinks no lamp so cheering
As that light which Heaven sheds!

Mr. Devaushalle arrived 4 p.m. No news.

Wednesday, 10th.—Wind S.; moderate breeze; foggy, and mizling rain. Nothing in the way of arrangement with the men—all on the qui vive. Danced heartily last night.

Thursday, 11th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine. Accompanied Mr. Hempelman to Akaroa to get my traps round by the first opportunity—as he promises. Farewell! and if for ever—still for ever fare thee well!

Friday, 12th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and fine. Arrived at Akaroa yesterday past noon—found all well. No interview between Capt. H. and Mr. Bel[lign]y. Spent the evening very happily with my friends for 'auld lang syne'.

Saturday, 13th.—Wind W. At Akaroa: a tête-à-tête with Mr. Robinson—introduced to Mrs. Woods.

Sunday, 14th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and fine. At Mass page 143 with Williams. Mrs. Woods spent the day with us. Capt. 1842 H. bad.

Monday, [Aug.] 15th.—Wind S.W.; strong breeze, and cloudy. Ascension Day: holiday with the French. Put off for Peracky: came to the Heads: blowing too fresh, put back. Stopped at 'Tommy's'. Kikied the 'tiners' and the fish. Slept on a Maori mat, wrapped in a blanket: 4 in a bed-place—heads and tails.

Tuesday, 16th.—Wind S.W. Blowing too hard to start. Walked from 'Tommy's' to the next Mawrie settlement. Edward and I came over the hills and left Capt. H. to come by Boat. Arrived here past 5 o' c' k all well and merry.

Wednesday, 17th.—Wind S.E., moderate, and fine. Mrs. Wright took her departure for Oisho: Annie went on a visit with her. Capt. H. came over the hills and was here at 3½ p.m. Making up the Books.

Thursday, 18th.—Wind S.W.; moderate., and fine. Fittis started; Boneing. Received provisions, boat-mast, and sails, to return in good condition, or pay for damaged; also to pay for the provisions furnished. At the books: gave out provisions.

Friday, 19th.—Wind W.; strong breeze; cloudy, with rain. 'Bloody Jack' came into the Bay in his boat; could not get ashore. Neddy pig-hunting: he killed one, and brought half of it home.

Saturday, 20th.—Wind S.; strong breeze; overcast, and rainy. Expecting a visit from the celebrated Jack. He came on shore to breakfast—hauled up his boat.

Sunday, 21st.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine. The chief on shore.

Monday, 22nd.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine. Carpenter repairing Bloody Jack's boat. Making out the accounts.

Tuesday, 23rd.—Wind W.; blowing hard; evening, hazy weather. John Tooawock highly amusing.

Wednesday, 24th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine. John's boat repairing.

page 144
1842Thursday, [Aug.] 25th.—Wind S.W.; moderate, and fine.

John Tooawock took his departure for home ('Roobooko'), accpd by two hands from here.

Friday, 26th.—Wind W.; moderate, and fine weather. Carpenter making stuff for sashes (?). The Tonguers pig-hunting: killed two pigs.

Saturday, 27th.—Wind S.; moderate, and fine clear weather. Pig-hunting with Capt. H., accompanied by Mr. Ogilvie, who got an overwest on the hill, and returned in the evening with a great loss of appetite and a shocking bad shirt.

Sunday, 28th.—Wind W.; light airs, and fine sultry weather. Disappointed in going to Oisho.

Monday, 29th.—Wind N.; fresh breeze, and fine clear weather. Planted, with the assistance of Edward and Mr. Ogilvie, a quantity of Kidney donovans.

Tuesday, 30th.—Wind S.; strong breeze; overcast, and showery. Assisted in getting a temporary Bridge put across the rivulet.

Wednesday, 31st.—Wind south; strong breeze; overcast, and showery. Helped Capt. H. in cutting seed potatoes. Received my release in writing—to arrange with me at Akaroa first opportunity.

This evening we saw the Sun setting,
The waters beneath him were bright:
Oh, trust me! our farewell at parting
Should be like the farewell of light.

You saw how he parted by darting
His beam o'er a deep billow's brim:
Then fill up! let's shine at our parting
In true liquid glory like him!

Ah, may our life's happy measure
Of moments like this be made up;
They're born on the bosom of pleasure,
They die 'midst the tears of the cup!

[The remainder of the Log is in a different handwriting.]

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