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The Piraki Log (e Pirangi Ahau Koe), or, Diary of Captain Hempleman

Daily Journal of Employment and Remaeks at Peracka — from the 23rd October 1837 to the Present date. — [May 24, 1838.]

page 58

Daily Journal of Employment and Remaeks at Peracka
from the 23rd October 1837 to the Present date.
[May 24, 1838.]

1837Monday, Oct. 23.—This day the schooner Sailed leaving behind Capt. Hampelman and wife and Eight Europeans and one Newzealander, in the afternoon after the departure of the Schooner Articles was drawn up for the Men mentioned in the Articles at the wages of five Pounds Per Month they finding themselves in Provisions, after which Articles was drawn up for sawing and signed by two Men at the rate mentioned in the said Articles.

Tuesday, 24th.—This day the Men were employed in Pulling down a House to get Grass to cover the Boat Shed, when two Boats appeared entering the Harbour—one of the Boats a large one contained the Cheift of Otaga Tyroar and his crew the Other to other Men of Note amongst the Otaga tribe.

Wednesday, 25th.—This day Tyroar agreed to take his Boat with one of mine to the Native Settlement to fetch some Whalebone and returned with the Bone the same day for which he received one Keg of Powder one Pr. of Blankets and one Boats Sail has Payment for his Boat and services. — —

Thursday, 26th.—This day was employed in getting grass for thatching the Boats shed nothing Particular this day. — —

Friday, 27th.—Men employed about the Boat shed Sawyers clearing the Bush for their Work and carpenter repairing Tyroar's Boat. — —

Saturday, 28th.—This day very much Wind and rain no work done.

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Piraki Valley. Looking down to the cove, and the site of the old whaling-station on the flat bordered by the 'creek' and beach. Lookout Point on right.

Piraki Valley. Looking down to the cove, and the site of the old whaling-station on the flat bordered by the 'creek' and beach. Lookout Point on right.

page 59
Sunday, [Oct.] 29th.—Painted Tyroars Boat—some of the 1837 Natives walked over the Hill to Tommaths the two Sawyers shifted to their House in the Bush. — —

Monday, 30th.—This day the Men employed carrying Stones and sand to level the yard round the Captain's House.

Tuesday, 31st.—This day the Men employed has yesterday, Tyroar with his train took his leave for Port Cooper leaving one of his Principle men the Name of Jackey Tar with me for protection till his return but he would not go till I lent him one of My Boats for which he left me one of his in Place she being rather leaky and I believe he is going to collect Whalebone. This afternoon two Natives came over land with News to the Natives to Proceed to Cloudy Bay to fight the Roebullea. —

Wednesday, Novr. 1st.—This day the Men all employed in the Bush cutting wood for Building houses, &c.—the Natives returned to Wangeroa. —

Thursday, 2nd.—This day the Men employed some in the Bush cutting spars for building and some Building a House and cooperage. —

Friday, 3rd.—The Men all employed has yesterday. —

Saturday, 4th.—This day the men employed has yesterday the Native Jackey Tar walked over to Wangeroa. —

Sunday, 5th.—This day Kept has Saboath. — —

Monday, 6th.—The men employed this day Thatching the cooperage. —

Tuesday, 7th.—This day the men employed thatching and fencing. —

Wednesday, 8th.—The men employed has yesterday.

Thursday, 9th.—Jackey Tar and women arrived from Wangeroa brings the News of a Schooner being in Port Cooper Bound to Otago last night one of the Men Jas. Danniels ran away and is not yet returned the Men employed has yesterday.

Friday, 10th.—The Cooper moved this day to the new

page 60
1837 Cooperage. Fisher started to walk to Otago the men employed in the Bush cutting wood for Building.

Saturday, [Nov.] 11th.—Danniels that ran away returned this day and set too to work the Men commenced building another House. —

Sunday, 12th.—Kept has the Sabaoth. — —

Monday, 13th.—This day one Boat out and one Canoe arrived from Port Cooper the Principle Native Tommy—owner of the Boat—the Men employed House Building. —

Tuesday, 14th.—This day a Boat and Crew of white People arrived from Queen Charlotte Sound Jones the Propritor of the Boat—the Men employed has yesterday. —

Wednesday, 15th.—Jones and his Boats crew started this day but was forced to return on account of the weather turning bad—the Men employed has yesterday. —

Thursday, 16th.—This day Jones and his crew started but they committed a shabby action for the goodness they received from us whilst here his Boats crew taken away with them the whole of the mens flour that they could lay their hands on from the house they where entertained in, likewise two Boat Knives the Natives and one Man started a Pig hunting the remainder employed grass cutting.

Friday, 17th.—Fisher the Man that started for Otago returned this day after being robbed by the Tarma Tribe of Natives of a Musket and other things but the Musket he got back the Pig hunters returned but with no luck the Men employed Thatching &c.

Saturday, 18th.—Tyroa arrived this day bringing back my Boat but instead of a load of Whale Bone they brought a Cargo of Barakuta. I fortunately fell in with a Wild Boar in the Bush which I got the Men employed has yesterday.

Sunday, 19th.—This day Tyroa started with three Boats for Otago and taken Fisher with them this his the fust day we have been without Natives the Saboath no work done.

Carried over—

page 61
Monday, Nov. 20th.—This day the men employed thatching 1837 &c. —

Tuesday, 21st.—Men employed has yesterday.

Wednesday, 22nd.—This day we had heavy rain the Men employed making Flax Sinnet for House Building.

Thursday, 23rd.—The Men finished the Second House this day.

Friday, 24th.—Part of this day the men employed fencing the garden in the afternoon began the House for the Captain.

Saturday, 25th.—The men employed this day fencing &c. —

Sunday, 26th.—Kept has Sabbaoth. —

Monday, 27th.—This day the Men employed fencing and clearing ground for a Garden.

Tuesday, 28th.—The men finished the Garden fence &c. —

Wednesday, 29th.—The Men employed building a Shed for Boat Building two Natives arrived over the Hill from Wangeroa. —

Thursday, 30th.—The two Natives returned to Wangaroa the Men employed has yesterday.

Friday, 1st Decm.—A Boat arrived from Tarmat to day bringing the old Man and Tommy—the men employed has yesterday.

Saturday, 2nd.—This day the Captn. caught a Wild Boar the Men employed in the Bush cutting rafters &c for building the House for the Captn.

Sunday, 3rd.—Kept has Saboath.

Monday, 4th.—This day the Captn. got another wild Boar the Men employed carring timber for Building the Captn's house. —

Tuesday, 5th.—The Men all employed has yesterday the Tea and Sugar all out.

Wednesday, 6th.—Men employed has yesterday.

Thursday, 7th.—This day we caught another wild Boar the Men employed cutting grass for Thatching the Captns House.

Friday, 8th.—The Men all employed Building the Captns. House.

page 62
1837Saturday, [Dec.] 9th.—The day the Men employed has yesterday the Sawyers cutting Boat Plank at the House.

Sunday, 10th.—Kept has Sabboath.

Monday, 11th.—The Men employed building the Captns House this day the Carpenter finished a Natives Boat after going through a throuer repair. Tommy's Boat from Port Cooper.—

Tuesday, 12th—The men employed one part Building the Captns House the other Part getting clay for Plastering.

Wednesday, 13th.—This day Tommy the Native started with his Boat that was repaired for Wangeroa. Turoowa taken ill at Wangeroa sent for the Captn. but was prevented going on account of King George and three other Natives coming from Tarmat he borrowed a Boat from the Capt. to go to Wangeroa and from there to Port Cooper after Whale bone they started this day the Men employed has yesterday.

Thursday, 14th Decr.—This day the Men employed building the Captns. House.

Friday, 15th.—The men employed has yesterday the Carpenter bagan to Build a large Boat. —

Saturday, 16th.—The men employed has yesterday the Sawyers shifted their Hut in the Bush.

Sunday, 17th.—Sabboath. —

Monday, 18th.—Getting short of Provisions the Captn. and two Men started upon the Mountains to get a wild Pig but returned with no success—the Men employed building the Captains House the Carpenter and one Man at work at the New Boat. —

Tuesday, 19th.—I must here make a remark about the weather one day it is very hot with Hot winds when on a Suden it will change to cold and that cold that there is no difference between Summer and winter this very day the Oil in the Lamps frozed in the Houses, the Weather in general so far advanced in the Summer has been very bad, the Men at work about the Captn. House but so very cold with Missling Snow and rain that very little work was done.

page 63
Wednesday, [Dec.] 20th.—This day began and ended with 1837 very Cold and rainy weather blowing a gale of wind from the S.E. no work of any sort done.

Thursday, 21st.—This day the weather turned out a little favourable the Men employed Putting Bark on the Capt's House and other necessary things.

Friday, 22nd.—The men employed in barking the Capt. House and carrying clay.

Saturday, 23rd.—This day the Captn. took a Boat and crew and went to Wangeroa to try to Purchase Pigs and Potatoes. —

Sunday, 24th.—The Captn. returned from Wangeroa with no success but brought the old Cheift Tuwawa very sick and his two wives the day the last of the flour served out. —

Monday, 25th.—Christmas day blowing hard from S.E. and very cold with neither grog Tea sugar and nothing but the remainds of the flour to celebrate the day—in the afternoon it turned out fine weather.

Tuesday, 26th.—Two Natives came over the hill from Wangeroa to vissit the old Chieft—the men employed in the morning carrying Plank from the Sawyers the remainder of the day at the Capt's House.

Wednesday, 27th.—The Captn. and two Men went upon the Mountains this day to hunt for Pigs but returned with no success the remainder of the men carrying Clay for Plastering the Captns. House. —

Thursday, 28th.—The men carrying Clay the fore Part of the day in the afternoon they commenced thatching the Captn's House, this day Chandler the Cooper left off work.

Friday, 29th.—This day the Men employed thatching the Capt's House.

Saturday, 30th.—The Captn. started to Wangeroa to hunt wild Pigs the men employed cutting logs in the Bush for Building Chimney.

Sunday, 31st.—Kept has Saboath.

Monday, Jany. 1st.—The Men employed carry logs out 1838 page 64of the Bush the fore Part of the day in the afternoon commenced Plaistering the Capt's House.

Tuesday, [Jan.] 2nd.—The Captn. returned from Wangeroa bringing four Wild Pigs the Men employed Plaistering the Capt's House.

Wednesday, 3rd.—The men employed has yesterday this day Chandler the Cooper returned to his work.

Thursday, 4th.—The men employed has yesterday.

Friday, 5th.—Employment has yesterday—three Men Sick.

Saturday, 6th.—Men employed at the Captn. House.

Sunday, 7th.—Saboath.

Monday, 8th.—Men employed making the Chimney Carpenter and his mate begin again at the large Boat a party of Natives from Wangeroa on a Vissit to the old Cheift.

Tuesday, 9th.—Men employed has yesterday this day we was put in suspense at dusk in the evening five Boats came into the heads three of them large Boats we first took them for the fight coming from Cloudy Bay but they proved to be Boats from Otago going to the Northward with all the young Men of Note on a party of Bravo to distinguish themselves. —

Wednesday, 10th.—This day the Men was forced to quit work to look out for Provisions being unable to work for the want of them, every Man now must look out for selves for the Produce of the Bush and Bay.

Thursday, 11th.—The Natives and Boats still here nothing being done no provisions amongst the Men dare not venture out to look for any on account of the Natives being here—in the afternoon One Boat and crew started.

Friday, 12th.—This day the Natives left in four Boats for the Northward and three Canoes for the South ward—no work the Men Hunting for subsistence. —

Saturday, 13th.—No work all hands fishing or Shooting to lay in a Store.

Sunday, 14th.—Sabboath but obligated to look out for Provisions.

page 65
Monday, [Jan.] 15th.—A Boat and crew out fishing and Shag 1838 shooting to get in a stock to set to work again.

Tuesday, 16th.—The men commenced work again about the Captns Chimney at day wages has they cannot work constant by the Month being obliged to spend Part of their time looking out for Provisions.

Wednesday, 17th.—The Men at work has yesterday.

Thursday, 18th.—Employed about the Chimney.

Friday, 19th.—Has yesterday, one man sick.

Saturday, 20th.—Employed has yesterday.

Sunday, 21st.—Sabbaoth.

Monday, 22nd.—No work—the Men started with a Boat to the river to try to get some Eels or any thing for subsistence being entirely without.

Tuesday, 23rd.—Boat and crew away.

Wednesday, 24th.—Boat and crew still away.

Thursday, 25th.—This day the Boat and crew arrived but with very little Provisions has it is hard work to get any before hand at this Place.

Monday, 29th.—Nothing done more since the 25th only looking out for subsistence has it is hard work now to get any thing from hand to mouth.

Saturday, Feby. 3rd.—Nobody but now and then the Cooper and Sawyers does a very little work being mostly employed looking out for something to eat the rest of the Men does nothing else.

Sunday, 4th.—Sabbaoth—very rainy.—

Sunday, 11th.—Sabboath—nothing done the last week but trying to catch fish both day and night.

Monday, 12th.—This day the Men returned to their work about the Capt's Chimney about Noon 3 Boats and one Canoe hove in sight which Proved to be the Southern Natives returning to Otago.

Tuesday, 13th.—The Men employed has yesterday the Natives still here.

Wednesday, 14th.—This Morning the Boats and Natives page 661838left for Otago a happy deliverance. Jones one of the Sawyers joined this day at day work. All employed Pulling down the Old Try works and making a Platform for New Ones.

Thursday, [Feb.] 15th.—This day the Men employed about the Platform &c. for Boat arrived from Port Cooper Bringing my Boat back I lent them.

Friday, 16th.—This day the fore part very much rain the Boats and Natives still here.

Saturday, 17th.—The Natives still here. People cannot stir away from their houses to look for any thing.

Sunday, 18th.—The Natives left for the river—Sabbaoth.

Monday, 19th.—The Men commenced work building the try works.

Tuesday, 20th.—The Natives returned from the river with News of a Vessel being in Wageroa and very much alarmed of the Natives from the Northard being in Coya Pou having information they had killd. some of their People.

Wednesday, 21st.—The Captn. and Natives went to Wangeroa to see what Vessel was there.

Thursday, 22nd.—The Captn. returned from Wangeroa bringing a Capt. of American Ship with him the Ship named Rosalie bound to Sydney for Provisions the Try Pots finished Putting up.

Friday, 23rd.—A Boat from the Ship at Wangeroa arrived to take the Captn. back—the Men done no work this day.

Saturday, 24th.—The Capt. and a Crew started with the American Captn. of the Ship to Wangeroa and received from him Provisions to the Amount of 200 lbs. flour 200 lbs. Pork 447 lbs. Bread, a happy deliverance for all hands has they had nothing but what Providence sent.

Sunday, 25th.—This day Crawley went with a Crew to Wangeroa to receive the Bread—the Natives started for Otago frighend. at the Rowbules coming.

Monday, 26th.—Crawley came from Wangeroa bringing the Bread and one spare Man with him.

Tuesday, 27th.—The Men employed cutting wood in the page 67Bush for building a Breakwind round the Try work. This 1838 day we shiped the spare hand at the same rate has the other Men, Willm. Ward his name.

Wednesday, [Feb.] 28th.—The Men employed some at the Break wind and Others clearing away for Boat ways.—

Thursday, March 1.—The men employed making the Boat way weighing an Anchor and two men repairing the Whale Boat.

Friday, 2nd.—Men employed has yesterday this day Crawley left off work at Middle day.

Saturday, 3rd.—Men employed has yesterday. Much rain in the Afternoon.

Sunday, 4th.—Sabbaoth.

Monday, 5th.—The Men employed carrying Bark to make the Break wind around the Try works.—

Tuesday, 6th.—The men employed has yesterday.

Wednesday, 7th.—The men employed carrying Wattles for the Break wind.

Thursday, 8th.—The men employed at varies work.

Friday, 9th.—The men employed felling timber for the Sawyers this day the Natives with four Canoes on their way to Wangeroa reporting their enemy is gone Back.

Saturday, 10th.—Men employed making a Saw Pit and other necessary work.

Sunday, 11th.—Sabbaoth.

Monday, 12th.—Men employed Building a Chimney to the Cooperage and other work this day a Ship crossed the harbour Mouth bound to the S. but could not make her out.

Tuesday, 13th.—Men employed has necessary.

Wednesday, 14th.—Men employed as yesterday.

Thursday, 15th.—Kelcher not at work. Men employed has yesterday.

Friday, 16th.—Kelcher not at work. Men employed has necessary.

Saturday, 17th. Kelcher not at work. Work the same has yesterday. Ward not at work.

page 68
1838Sunday, [Mar.] 18th.—Sabaoth.—

Monday, 19th.—Men employed making the Blubber way. Ward not at work.

Tuesday, 20.—Men employed has yesterday. Ward not at work.

Wednesday, 21st.—Employed has yesterday the Natives came from Wangeroa with my Boat and returned the same day. Ward not at work.

Thursday, 22nd.—Men employed has yesterday. Ward not at work.

Friday, 23.—Men employed has yesterday. Ward not at work.

Saturday, 24th.—This day Ward commenced work again—the Men employed Pulling down and repairing the Captain's old House.—

Sunday, 25th.—Bad weather from the S.E. with rain. Sabaoth.—

Monday, 26th.—Men employed has Saturday. Walkabout not at work.

Tuesday, 27th.—Men employed has yesterday. Walkabout not at work.

Wednesday, 28th.—Men employed carrying Clay and Cutting Vines for Plaistering the Capt's old House. Walkabout at work.

Thursday, 29th.—The Men employed has yesterday fore part afterwards clearing the cave.

Friday, 30th.—Men employed has yesterday finished the cave for cutting in.

Saturday, 31st.—This day a Boat arrived from Wangeroa with news of two French being there the Captn. went to Wangeroa with them to assertain what Ships they where.

Sunday, 1st April.—Sabbaoth. One of the Vessels arrived here with the Captn. on Board the Name 'Adelle' the other outside with an intention of coming in here.

Monday, 2nd.—Men employed at various work the other page 69French Ship anchored in the evening. (Pencil note:)—(the 1838 Ajax) (2 whaling vessels.)

Tuesday, [Apr.] 3rd.—The Men left off work until the Whaling commences.

Wednesday, 4th.—No remarks this day.

Thursday, 5th.—The Men beginning to get out the Boats for Whaling the Capt. received one Case of Brandy about 30 Galls. from the Adele.

Friday, 6th.—No remarks.

Saturday, 7th.—This day the Men signed Articles to commence Whaling with two Boats until the Arival of the Schooner or other Vessel from the Owners.

Sunday, 8th.—Sabboath—no remarks.

Monday, 9th.—This is the finish of the Summers Log we now commence upon the Whaling Log.

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