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Heels 1966


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Taking all things into consideration, nobodie noes more than me how litryure and tampering mix veil. Though I say so myself, it is a fine sporting society that is abul to find people who can make a [unclear: magasine] of so good all artisticality. I must say barring all things in mind, that I think it is a fine tribute to its [unclear: organisers]. [gap — reason: illegible] no I myself will treasure [unclear: my coppy] a11 of my life, and rap it up to stop it getting dirty when I take it tempering with me.

Prehaps it wood be as well to say, at the risque of getting boaring, that I am disturbed at reports of tramperers and tramperers who for at the way on route and I want to use my affluence in this space to make a [unclear: plee] for everyone to take a map or diagram. Also many people get colds from exposure, or get badly hert. Remember: Take Precautions or Expect the [unclear: Consequences].

I am sure I will not be committing clicha by expressing my thanks in the convens[gap — reason: illegible]urnal way to those very kind soles who have helped me get out this magasine out. Comparrisons are odorous but the typists deserve special mention for there [unclear: tremendous] effarts, as a tribute to which I personally will take responsibility myself for all there errers, the only wones beyond my controll, so their will be none other than theres. I am also very much abetted in this ventewer to Tom, who soupavized and the people who rote artycals. Parts, of this jernal and based on the these.

Bill Logan.