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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Catalogue Slips. Main Series Entry

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Catalogue Slips. Main Series Entry.

Australian Museum, Sydney, Memoir iii. —The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice Group: Its Zoology, Botany, Ethnology, and General Structure, based on Collections made by Mr. Charles Hedley, of the Australian Museum. Published by order of the Trustees. R. Etheridge, Junr., Curator.

                                                      1 vol. 8vo., Sydney, 1896-1900.

Part 1.—Introductory Note. General Account, by C. Hedley.
Rock Specimens, by T. Cooksey.
Aves, by A. J. North. 21st Dec. 1896
Part 2.—The Insect Fauna, by W. J. Rainbow.
The Arachnidan Fauna, by W. J. Rainbow.
The Crustacea, by Thomas Whitelegge.
The Echinodermata, by Thomas Whitelegge. 25th Feb. 1897
Part 3.—The Mammals, Reptiles, and Fishes, by Edgar R. Waite.
The Enteropneusta, Part I., by Jas. P. Hill.
The Alcyonaria, by Thomas Whitelegge. 12th July, 1897
Part 4.—The Ethnology, by Charles Hedley. 27th Sep. 1897
Part 5.—The Alcyonaria, Part II., by Thomas Whitelegge.
The Sponges, by Thomas Whitelegge.
The Enteropneusta, Part II., by Jas. P. Hill.
Part 6.—The Madreporaria, by Thomas Whitelegge. 21st Feb. 1898
Part 7.—The Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Actinozoa, and Vermes, by Thomas Whitelegge and Jas. P. Hill.
The Mollusca, Part I., by Charles Hedley. 6th March, 1899
Part 8.—The Mollusca. Part II., by Charles Hedley. Summary of the Fauna. 3rd July, 1899
Part 9.—The Fishes (Supplement), by Edgar R. Waite.
The Mollusca (Supplement), by Charles Hedley. 7th Aug. 1899
Part 10.—Title Page, Preface, Contents, and Index. 16th May, 1900