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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.



Tetradrachmum, Cantor.
Tetradrachmum aruanum, Bloch.

Tetradrachmum aruanum, Bloch., sp., Fisch., iii., p. 62, pl. cxcviii., fig. 2; Bennett, Fishes of Ceylon, p. 17, pl. xvii.

Represented by one small specimen of only 32 millim. in length. Common throughout the South Seas.

page 192
Glyphidodon, Cuvier.
Glyphidodon brownriggii, Bennett.

Glyphidodon brownriggii, Bennett, Fishes of Ceylon, p. 8, pl. viii.; Günther, Fische der Südsee, p, 232, pl. cxxvii. (varieties).

A number of specimens was collected representing five varieties, some of which have been specifically named, they are as follows:—-

(1)The original form figured by Bennett. (Fishes of Ceylon, pl. viii.)
(2)Coloration uniform. (G. modestus, Bleeker, Atlas Ichth., pl. cccciii., fig. 9.)
(3)An oblique white band on the body, a dark spot on the spinous dorsal, and a smaller one at the posterior base of the soft dorsal.
(4)Same as No. 3 but without the white body-band.
(5)An oblique white band on the body, a dark one across the base of the caudal. A dark spot on the spinous dorsal, and the whole base of the soft dorsal dark. Anal wholly dark coloured.
Glyphidodon sordidus, Forsk.

Glyphidodon sordidus, Forsk., Descr. Anim., p. 62; Bleeker, Atlas Ichth., pl. ccccx., fig. 5.

Three very young examples are credited to this species. In addition to the large black spot on the upper surface of the caudal pedicle, there is a small one at the base of the pectoral, and a large black mark on the dorsal extending from the second to the sixth spine; as the transverse bands become fainter, so this mark apparently disappears in adult examples: it is noticeably more pronounced in our smallest specimen (18 millim.), which is little more than a third the length of the largest (48 millim.).

Glyphidodon septem-fasciatus, Cuv.& Val.

Glyphidodon septem-fasciatus, Cuv. & Val., Hist. Nat., v., p. 463; Bleeker, Atlas Ichth., pl. ccccix., fig. 5.

One specimen, half-grown. Attaining larger dimensions than some other members of the genus, this species has received a native name, being known to the inhabitants as "Moutou moutou."