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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.



Acanthurus, Bloch.
Acanthurus triostegus,Linn.

Acanthurus triostegus, Linn., Syst. Nat., i., p. 463; Bennett, Fishes of Ceylon, p. 11., pl. xi.

One would scarcely expect to receive even a very small collection of fishes from the Pacific Islands without this ubiquitous species being included. Of three examples the largest measures 158, the smallest 54 millim.

The native name in Funafuti is "Manini," and its universal application is noteworthy. Günther remarks:—"Throughout the whole of Polynesia it is called 'Manini.'"

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Acanthurus Guttatus, Forsk.

Acanthurus guttatus, Forsk., sp., Descr. Anim., p. 218; Günther, Fische der Südsee, p. 109, pl. lxix., fig. a.

This species has also a wide range in the Pacific. We have two specimens from the atoll, measuring 208 and 190 millim respectively.

The native name is rendered as "Te api" or " Yappi," which is practically identical with "Hapi" in use in the Sandwich Islands, as recorded by Günther.

Acanthurus blochii,Guv.& Val.
Acanthurus blochii, Cuv. & Val., Hist. Nat., x., p, 209 {fide Günther); Günther, Fische der Südsee, p. 109, pi. lxix., fig. 6.

Günther remarks that it is extremely doubtful whether A. matoides, Klunz., from the Red Sea, is identical with the species he had hitherto so named. He therefore adopts the name A. blochii, which species is to be distinguished by the dorsal fin being lower in proportion to the height of the body. Our specimens quite agree in this respect, for the spines are 3⅓, whereas in Klunzinger's species they are much longer, namely 2¾ in the height of the body.

Acanthurus Achilles, Shaw.

Acanthurus achilles, Shaw, Zool., iv., p. 383; Günther, Fische der Südsee, p. 115, pl. lxxi., fig. b.

Several examples of this unmistakable and handsome species were brought from Funafuti, where they are known to the inhabitants as "Matto."

Naseus, Commer.
Naseus lituratus,Forsk.

Naseus lituratus, Forsk., sp., Descr. Anim., p. 218; Günther, Fische der Südsee, p. 124, pl. lxxxii.

The natives appear to have associated this genus with the Acronuridæ, for while A. triostegus is designated as "Manini," the present species is distinguished by a prefix, the rendering being "Rakomanini."