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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Class Rachnida

Class Rachnida.

Since the publication of the preceding account (pp. 89 -124) of the Spiders and Insects of Funafuti, Mr. R. I. Pocock has dealt with the series simultaneously collected by Messrs. Sollas and Gardiner, which embraced forms not procured by Mr. Hedley.* Mr. Pocock differs from Mr. Rainbow in sundry matters of species and genera. In the determination of the Scorpion, the latter accepts his correction; but he maintains the specific status of the various Spiders disputed by Mr. R. I. Pocock. Though the two names, Obisium antipodum, Simon, and Olpium longiventer, Key-serling, probably refer to one species, both provisionally appear in the following list. This under Mr. Rainbow's guidance, has been compiled from the two articles mentioned. It therefore represents his latest opinion on the subject. Included are also the Lepidop-tera previously recorded from the Archipelago by Butler; two beetles, Ceresium simplex and Sphenophorus obscurus, taken by Mr. A. E. Finckh on Funafuti, in 1898; and a series of ants, noted from the Ellice by Mayr. One of the new beetles discovered at

* R. I. Pocock—Ann. las;. Nat. Hist. (7), i., 1898, pp. 321-326.

Mayr—Journ. Mus. Godeff., xiiv 1876, p. 56-115.

page 519Funafuti, has lately been re-taken at Fife Bay, British New Guinea.* The Ceresium occurs at Norfolk Island.

Hormurus australasiæ, Fabricius.
Garypus longidigitatus, Rainbow.
Obisium antipodum, Simon.
Olpium longiventer, Keyserling.
Araneus theis, var.
mangareva, Walckenaer.
mangareva, plebeja, L. Koch.
mangareva, ventricosa, Rainbow.
mangareva, longispina, Rainbow.
mangareva, etheridgei, Rainbow.
mangareva, festiva, Rainbow.
mangareva, obscura, Rainbow.
mangareva, annulipes, Rainbow.
mangareva, distineta, Rainbow.
mangareva, hoggi, Rainbow.
mangareva, speciosa, Rainbow.
Tetragnatha laqueata, L. Koch.
Tetragnatha panopea, L. Koch.
Uloborus geniculatus, Olivieri.
Dictis striatipes, L. Koch.
Clubiona alveolata, L. Koch.
Heteropoda venatoria, Linnc.
Sarotes debilis, L. Koch.
Acompse suavis, L. Koch.
Ascyltus pterygodes, L. Koch.
Hyllus ferox, Rainbow.
Hyllus audax, Rainbow.
Oribata lamellata, Rainbow.

* Rainbow—Proc. Linn. Soc. N.S.W., xxiii., 1898, p. 365.