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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Class Pisces

Class Pisces.

The following list includes the fishes of Funafuti as reported by Mr. E. R. Waite (ante pp. 181 - 201, and Supplement, vide Appendix). About a fifth of them appears in a list of fishes obtained at Rotuma by Mr. J. S. Gardiner.*

Epinephelus urodelus, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Epinephelus leopardus, Lacepede.
Epinephelus tauvina, Forskal.
Epinephelus merra, Bloeh.
Epinephelus fuscoguttatus, Forskal.
Grammistes sexlineatus, Thunlerg.
Lutianus bengalensis, Bloch.
Lutianus gib bus, Forslcal.
Lutianus fulviflamma, Forskal.
Zanclus cornutus, Linne.
Ohsotodon auriga, Forskal.
Mulloides flavolineatus. Lacepede.
Mulloides samoensis, Gilnther.
Upeneus trifasciatus, Lacepede.
Lethrinus rostratus, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Lethrinus ramak, Forskal.
Sphserodon grandoculis, Forskal.
Cirrhites maculatus, Lacepede.

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Holocentrum erythraauni, Giluther.
Holocentrum diploxiphus, Gunther.
Teuthis rostrata, Cuvier and Valenciennes,
Histiophorus sp.
Acanthurus triostegus, Linne.
Acanthurus guttatus, Forshal.
Acanthurus blochii, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Acanthurus achilles, Shaw.
Naseus lituratus, Forshal.
Caranx sanctee helenEe, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Caranx crumenopthalmus, Block.
Chorinemus sancti-petri, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Trachynotus baillonii, Lacepcde.
Thynnus pelamys, Linne. Buvettus pretiosus,
Cocco. Echeneis naucrates, Linne.
Gobius biocellatus, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Salarias marmoratus, Bennett.
Salarias periopthalmus, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Salarias quadrieornis, Cuvier and Valenciennes.
Sphyrsena sp. Myxus leuciscus, Gunther.
Tetrad raehmum aruanum, Block.
Grlyphidodon brownriggii, Bennett.
Grlyphidodon sordidus, Forshal.
Grlyphidodon septum-fasciatus, Cuvier and Valeciennesn.
Chilinus trilobatus, Lacepede.
Chilinus fasciatus, Block.
Epibulus insidiator, Pallas.
Julis lunaris, Linne.
Pseudoscarus pulchellus, Ruppell.
Pseudoscarus bataviensis, Bleeher.
Pseudoscarus singapurensis, Bleeher.
Pseudoscarus troschelli, Bleeher.
Fierasfer homii, Richardson.
Platophrys pantherinus, Ruppell.
Belone platura, Bennett.
Hemirhamphus balinensis, Bleeher.
Exoceetus sp.
0phichthys colubrinus,Boddaert.
Mursena formosa,Bleeher.
Mursena buroe'nsis, Bleeher.
Balistes fuscus, Block.
Balistes flavomarginatus, Ruppell.
Balistes aculeatus, Linne.
Tetrodon nigropunctatus, Block.
Tetrodon margaritatus, Ruppell.
Tetrodon imruaculatus, Block.
Dieotylichthys punctulatus, Kaup.

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Carcharias lamia, Risso.
Galeocerdo rayneri, M'Donald and Barron.
Alopias vulpes, Gmelin.
Urogymnus asperrimus, Bloch.
Trygon sp.
Ceratoptera sp.

* Boulenger—-Ann. Mag, Nat. Hist. (6), xx., 1897, pp. S^l - 4.