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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Reef Corals

Reef Corals

Reported from Funafuti by,—
Whitelegge. Gardiner.
Caryophyila clavus var. epitheata, Duncan. Rhizotrochus, sp.
Stylophora digitata, Pallas. Stylophora digitata, Pallas.
Stylophora flabellata, Quelch.
Stylophora compressa, Gardiner.
Stylophora rugosa, Gardiner.page 534
Stylophora pistillata, Esper.
Stylophora palmata, Blainville.
Stylophora lobata, Gardiner.
Pocillopora grandis, Dana. Pocillopora, grandis, Dana.
Pocillopora caespitosa, Dana. Pocillopora glomerata, Gardiner.
Pocillopora verrucosa, E. & Sol. Pocillopora rugosa, Gardiner.
Pocillopora mæandrina, Dana.
Pocillopora squarrosa, Dana.
Pocillopora aspera, Verrill.
Pocillopora aspera, var. danæ, V.
Pocillopora aspera, var. ligulata, Dana.
Pocillopora favosa, Ehrenherg.
Pocillopora clavaria, Ehrenherg.
Pocillopora brevicornis, Lam.
Pocillopora septata, Gardiner.
Pocillopora suffruticosa, Verrill.
Pocillopora paucistella, Quelc/i.
Seriatopora conferta, Quelch.
Seriatopora spinosa, Ed. & Haime.
Mussa costata, Dana.
Coeloria esperi, Edw. and H.
Hydnophora microconia, Lam.
Astreea versipora, Dana.
Astreea danse, Ediw. and H.
Astreea denticulata, E. and Sol.
Acanthastræa patula, Dana.
Aeanthastreea eehinata, Dana.
Leptastræa solida, Edw. and H.
Leptastrsea transversa, Klunz.
Cyphastræa danæ, Edw. and H.
Pavonia repens, Bruggeman. Pavonia repens, Bruggeman.
Pavonia explanata, Lamarck.
Psammocera contigua, Esp. Psammoeera contigua, Esp.
Psammocera fossata, Dana. Psammocera haimeana, Ed.& H.
Psammocera superficialis, Gard.
Psammocera savigniensis, Gard.
Oxypora sp.
Fungia tenuidens, Quelch.
Fungia discus, Dana.
Halomitra irregularis, Gardiner.
Herpolitha crassa, Gardiner.
Madreporaria fruticosa, Brook. Madreporaria fruticosa, Brook.
Madreporaria syringodes, Brook. Madreporaria syringodes, Brook. Gardiner.
Madreporaria spicifera, Dana.
Madreporaria botryodes, Brook Madreporaria scaunda, Dana.
var. funafutiensis, Madreporaria scabrosa, Quelch.
Whitelegge. Madreporaria reticulata, Brook.page 535
Madreporaria patula, Brook. Madreporaria profunda, Gard.
Madreporaria effloreseens, Dana. Madreporaria surculosa, Dana.
Madreporaria eurystoma,Klunz. Madreporaria latistella, Brook.
Madreporaria spinulifera, Madreporaria sinensis, Brook.
Whitelegge. Madreporaria cuneata, Dana.
Madreporaria impressa, Whitelegge. Madreporaria bæodaetyla,Brook.
Madreporaria loripes, Brook.
Madreporaria angulata, Quelch.
Astræopora incrustans, Bernard. Astræopora listeri, Bernard.
Astrssopora ocellata, Bernard. Astrssopora tabulata, Gardiner.
Astrssopora hirsuta, Bernard Astrssopora ovalis, Bernard.
Montipora verrucosa, Dana. Montipora verrucosa, Lamarck.
Montipora foveolata, Dana. Montipora profunda, Bernard.
Montipora tuberosa, Klunzinger. Montipora caliculata, Dana, var.
Montipora scabricula, Dana. piriformis,.Bernard.
Montipora exserta, Quelch. Montipora saxea, Bernard.
Montipora incognita, Bernard.
Montipora granifera, Bernard.
Porites lutea, Edw. and H. Porites arenosa, Esper.
Porites lichen, Dana. Porites arenosa,var. lutea,E.& H.
Porites lobata, Dana. Porites arenosa,var. parvicellata,
Porites crassa, Quelch. Gardiner.
Porites mirabilis, Quelch. Porites purpurea, Gardiner.
Porites gaimardi, Edw. and H. Porites trimurata, Gardiner.
Porites umbellifera, Gardiner.
Porites superfusa, Gardiner.
Porites exilis, Gardiner.