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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Class Gephyrea

page 531

Class Gephyrea.

To the list of Gephyrean worms recorded by A. E. Shipley from Funafuti,* has been added A. steenstrupii, identified (ante p. 394) by Mr. Whitelegge. The distribution of most of these has been further elucidated by Shipley in a Report on the Willey Collection.

  • Sipunculus vastatus, Selenka and Bulow.
  • Sipunculus funafuti, Shipley.
  • Physcosoma nigrescens, Keferstein.
  • Physcosoma pacificum, Keferstein.
  • Physcosoma scolops, Selenka and de Man.
  • Physcosoma varians, Keferstein.
  • Physcosoma microdontodon, Sluiter.
  • Physcosoma dentigerum, Selenka and de Man.
  • Aspidosiphon elegans, Chamisso and Eysenhardt.
  • Aspidosiphon steenstrupii, Diesing.
  • Aspidosiphon klunzingeri, Selenka and Bulow.
  • Cloeosiphon aspergillum, Quatrefages.

* Shipley—Proc. Zool. Soc, 1898, pp. 468-473.

Willey—Zoological Results, part 2, 1899, p. 151-158.