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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Class Echinodermata

Class Echinodermata.

To the Echinodermata enumerated in the body of this work there are added in the following list the species collected by page 530J. S. Gardiner, and determined by F. P. Bedford and F. J Bell* A sea-urchin, believed to be Metalia sternalis, Gray, was occasionally found dead at high-water mark on the beaches of the leeward islets of Funafuti, but as no specimens were preserved for exact identification, it is not here included. A starfish dredged off the north-west corner of Funafuti, at a depth of one hundred and thirty fathoms by H.M.S. " Penguin," which was, in life, bordered by segments of brick-red and yellow-red, size R. 30 mm., has been presented to the Australian Museum by Lieutenant A. Waugh, R.N. This has been determined by Mr. Whitelegge as probably an immature example of Nardoa gomophia, Perrier, originally described from New Caledonia.

  • Echinothrix diadema, Linne.
  • Echinothrix turcarum.,'Schynvoet.
  • Heterocentrotus mamillatus, Klein.
  • Echinometra lucunter, Leske.
  • Echinometra oblonga, Blainville.
  • Echinus angulosus, Leslce.
  • Laganum depressum, Lesson.
  • Echinoneus cyclostomus, Leske.
  • Maretia planulata, Lamarck.
  • Ophidiaster cylindricus, Lamarck.
  • Linckia pacifica, Gray.
  • Nardoa gomophia, Perrier.
  • Culcita acutispina, Bell.
  • Opbiactis savignii, Muller and Troschel.
  • Ophiocoma scolopendrina, Agassiz.
  • Ophiocoma erinaceus, Mutter and Troschel.
  • Ophiarthrum elegans, Peters.
  • Mulleria echinites, Jaeger.
  • Mulleria parvula, Selenka.
  • Holothuria argus, Jaeger.
  • Holothuria atra, Jaeger.
  • Holothuria atra, var. amboinensis, Semper.
  • Holothuria vagabunda, Selenka.
  • Holothuria maculata, Brandt.
  • Holothuria imitans, Ludwig.
  • Chiridota intermedia, Bedford.
  • Synapta ooplax, Marenzeller.

* Bedford and Bell—Proe. Zool. Soc, 1898, pp. 834-850.

Perrier—Archiv. Zool. Exper., iv., 1875, p. 431.