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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Rissoina plicata, Adams. — (Fig. 13)

Rissoina plicata, Adams.
(Fig. 13).

Adams, Proc.Zool. Soc, 1851, p. 264; Mohrenstern, Denk. Akad. Wiss., xix., 1860, p. 125, pl. iii., fig. 21; Weinkauff, Conch. Cab., i., 22, 1885, p. 23, pl. viii., figs. 5, 6.

Rissoina turricula, Pease, Proc. Zool. Soc, 1860, p. 438.

Fig. 13.

Fig. 13.

Two specimens from Funafuti are thus determined. The species appears to vary greatly in size. Whereas the type is described as being 5½ mm, long, the Ellice examples are but 2½ mm. The page 422development of the basal rib, and the number of longitudinal plications vary also. The transverse markings are not grooves, as Adams' description would mislead one to suppose, but elevated threads. The difficulty I found in naming this species induces me to offer a drawing for the assistance of others.

Authentic specimens of R. turricula, Pease, from Hawaii, en-able me to unite it with the above, a conclusion which Weinkauff s bad figures would not have suggested.

A specimen from British New Guinea is contained in this Museum. Tryon quotes R. turricula from Fiji,