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The Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice group : its zoology, botany, ethnology and general structure based on collections made by Charles Hedley of the Australian Museum, Sydney, N.S.W.

Family Poritidæ

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Family Poritidæ.

Porites lichen, Dana.

Porites lichen, Dana, Zoophytes, U.S. Explor. Exped., p. 566, pl. lvi., fig. 2.

One small example, 3 cm. long, 2 cm. broad, and 5 mm. thick, with a reflexed margin. The calicles are very variable in size, ranging from 1·5 to 2·5 mm. in diameter; in some cases the separating walls are indistinct, and several calicles are included in a somewhat meandering valley as in Nanopora irregularis, Quelch.

Porites lutea, Edwards & Haime.

Porites lutea, Edwards & Haime, Hist. Nat. Corall., iii., p. 180; Klunzinger, Die Korall. Rothen. Meeres, p. 40, pl. v., fig. 16.

A single specimen of this species is in the collection.

The corallum is 8 cm. high, and about 10 cm. in diameter. The calicles are shallow, polygonal, with thin acute walls; they are about 1 mm. in diameter. The septa are thin and in two cycles; pali distinct, usually six; columella reduced to a single spiniform granule. In a few large corallites there are as many as twelve pali, and an incomplete third cycle of septa.

Porites lobata, Dana.

Porites lobata, Dana, Zoophytes, U.S. Explor. Exped., p. 502, pl. lv., fig. 1.

A fine example of this species was obtained.

The corallum forms a broad semi-circular band around a dead block of coral, and measures 22 cm. in diameter, 8 cm. in width, and 12 cm. in height.

The surface is studded with numerous round or elongate gibbo-sites, the smaller are about 1·5 cm. in diameter, the larger about 4 cm.; they vary in height from 1 to 3·5 cm. The depressions between are well defined angular grooves, generally running transversely across the band-like corallum. The calicles are polygonal, shallow, almost flat, and about 1·5 mm. in diameter. The walls are distinct, a little raised, but thin and acute. Septa twelve, very thin; pali six, very prominent, as high as the walls and frequently joined at the base, forming a conspicuous ring round the columella, which is usually represented by a solitary spiniform granule.

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The surface echinulæ consist of short bluntish spines, bearing a number of ill-defined granules.

Porites crassa, Quelch.

Porites crassa, Quelch, Chall. Rep., Zool., xvi., p. 183, pl. xi., fig. 2-2a.

A small incrusting example of this species is in the collection.

Porites mirabilis, Quelch.

Porites mirabilis, Quelch, Chall. Rep., Zool., p. 185, pl. xi., fig. 5-5a.

There are three specimens of this rare species in the collection. Of these, two are small, irregularly-convex, and incrusting; about 5 cm in diameter and 2 cm. high. The third and much larger specimen forms a subglobose mass with several basal expansions; the surface is somewhat uneven and gibbous.

Porites gaimardi, Edwards & Haime.

Porites gaimardi, Edwards & Haime, Hist. Nat. Corall., iii., p. 179.

There are two specimens referable to this species. The smaller is subglobose, 5·5 cm. in height and 6·5 cm. in diameter. The larger is 19 cm. long, 14·5 cm. broad, and 12 cm. high. When seen in profile the shape suggests a human cranium from which the facial portion has been removed. The surface is even, save some superficial depressions which are present in great numbers, but can only be observed when the specimen is held up towards the light.

The calicles resemble those of Porites astræoides, Lamarck, they are, however, smaller, and the walls are not so stout; their diameter is usually about 1·1 mm., rarely more but frequently less. The walls are subsolid at the base, and somewhat acute at the summit.

The septa are in two cycles, thin, and somewhat ill-defined; the interseptal spaces are either circular, elongate, or keyhole shaped. There are six pali, which are usually remote from the centre of the calyx. Columella wide at the top, but rarely with more than one granule.

Synaræa undulata, Klunzinger

Synaræa undulata, Klunzinger, Die Korall. Rothen. Meeres, p. 48, pl. vi., fig. 12, pl. v., fig. 30.

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One specimen obtained on the reefs in the lagoon.

The example is incrusting, and measures 6 cm. in length, 4 cm. in width, and from 2 to 3 mm. in thickness.

The surface and characters generally closely agree with Klun-zinger's figures and description.

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