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Geology of the Provinces of Canterbury and Westland, New Zealand : a report comprising the results of official explorations

Artesian Wells in Christchurch, 1863

Artesian Wells in Christchurch, 1863.

At the request of the Hon. John Hall, at that time Chairman of the City Council, I examined also into the practicability of supplying Christchurch with pure water by means of artesian wells, and furnished that gentleman, on June 19th, with a report on that important question, which was printed in the local papers at that time. From the numerous observations made by me in and close to Christchurch, as well as in many localities on the Canterbury plains, I concluded that the geological structure of the district was favourable to obtaining water by means of artesian wells, and I may be allowed to transcribe here the last sentence of that report, having reference to the subject:— "In summing up I may therefore confidently state, that the strata through which the borer has to go will not, by their nature, offer any serious obstacle, and that, reasoning by induction, all tends to confirm me in the belief that, long before the volcanic rocks are reached, a good supply of water will be obtained." The subsequent remarkable results of the borings by which an almost endless supply of pure water was obtained for Christchurch and its neighbourhood, have thus amply confirmed my views on the subject expressed in that report.