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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective

Advancing Pacific Feminism

Advancing Pacific Feminism


Changing our lives at the personal level and acting out the vision.


Stressing that the definition of our reality and vision needs to be defined by us as Pacific women.


Beginning to create and record our Pacific women's world through research, encouraging women's artistic and creative endeavours in all forms and using this record to show our women's world and women's contributions in our communities and the region. Researching, writing and publicising the lives and achievements of our Pacific women heroines, past and present, as part of this effort.


Using information from this workshop to share our vision and inviting responses and contributions to it; noting the importance of the process (how we listened and discussed things together) of this workshop and continuing it in our follow-up work.


Stressing and encouraging the use of vernacular languages to express all aspects of our vision.