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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective

Having A Say in Projects

Having A Say in Projects

How would doing this add to women's power or control? These little pushes into what we are already doing could lead to quite fundamental changes, although they seem very small. Some of the fundamental changes that could come about are:


In this project, such demands would change the way women see health care, if there was input back into the system, from the women who are helping deliver it


It would change the power relationship between the health care deliverers and the people receiving health care, particularly women

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It would also change the relationship between Government (in this project a government service is involved) and people (women) in this specific area of women's community work


It would also be a significant change towards creating a different way of organising in that area of government activity (health care).

One way of empowering, therefore, would be for women to pressure for changes in the power relationship in a programme so that:


women have lines of communication and feedback, e.g. to the health care decision makers and planners of the project,


women are listened to.

These are changes. They are small, but significant. Think of the impact it would have generally, on health care services in the village or in the city, if the contributions of women were fed back into the system? Usually there is very little opportunity for contributions from women, who make up the majority of the health care receivers.