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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective



We know that our natural environment is explited senselessly for the short-term gain of the few, with dire implications for everyone. We believe we must take action to stop this exploitation and conserve and replenish our resources.

Our vision includes:

  • natural environment: using the natural environment with respect and only to meet immediate needs

  • ensuring collective (rather than individual) control over natural resources, including land, recognising that the environment is the source of all our basic needs

  • opposing the “rape” and pollution of the natural environment

  • supporting a nuclear-free Pacific

We also believe in the necessity to create a safe, healthy and liveable environment in which the basic needs of all people are adequately met.

Our vision is therefore:

  • social environment: creating an environment where basic needs are met

  • creating an environment in which all people may live without fear or insecurity

  • creating a non-violent environment and opposing militarism