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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective


page 113


We recognise that religion is an entrenched system in Pacific societies. However, as women, we question some of the basic doctrines and practices of the major religions in the Pacific because they repress and exploit people, especially women.

Our vision therefore includes:

  • challenging and changing the interpretation of religious teaching and values

  • challenging the oppressive and exploitative aspects of and the acquisition of wealth and land by the churches especially through women's fundraising

  • religious teaching should speak to the present situations in countries, projecting positive images and non-exploitative marriage arrangements for women

  • changing the focus from building edifices to delivering services and housing to people.

  • challenging the rise of fundamentalism and proselytising within Christianity and the Islamic faith

  • opposing the compulsion to participate in church rituals and acitivities and to contribute funds to church causes