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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective


page 96

The first session on Day One had attempted to get a quick response to feminism. It had been accepted that the workship would try to define feminism in a way that had meaning for women in the Pacific.

At the end of the previous day's session, a presentation of possible criteria for a Pacific feminism summarised the issues and discussions of two days of the workshop. The purpose of this session on the third day was to further develop a discussion of feminism in the Pacific, based on and developing out of, the preceding workshop discussions of women's work and experiences in the Pacific. The session was extremely long, debate was heated on a number of issues, but the ‘Vision’ statement finally arrived at had the support of most of the women present. Below is a summary of the introduction and discussion.*

* [Editor's note: Every attempt was made to be faithful to the spirit of the discussion: the need for clarity, however, made it necessary to cut down all the contributions, including Laura's wonderful introduction].