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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective

Critical Appraisal of Projects

Critical Appraisal of Projects

What perhaps we should be asking for, is a women's perspective on development. If women are given equal status in the mainstream of development rather than being page 78 components of projects and/or the object of projects, then women may experience a more genuine advancement.

The type of projects women have been involved in the last 10 years, can be classified in terms of their purpose and consequences, the people involved in the organisation, and the main activities of the project. The purpose of projects has generally been to increase employment or income.

All projects that have tried to improve the welfare of women, in education, health, community development, for example, have been what are called integrated projects. The organisations involved with projects have ranged from Non-Government Organisations (NGOS) to Government and community organisations, grassroots organisations. Their main activities have been in training, education, the provision of credit and health services and family planning programmes, etc.

Perhaps now is the time to develop our own perspective or evaluation, that is, our own framework for analysing projects. What has the women's movement got to say when evaluating these types of projects? That is a question we will ask here.