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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective

Summary of Development Discussion

Summary of Development Discussion

Development is very growth-oriented, based on sectors or particular areas in the economy which produce or generate growth. Because of this, lower priority is given to social sectors, such as health, education, welfare, etc. This also means that resources distributed by the Government tend to be directed towards a very small percentage of population, the section which promises to generate more wealth (the business sector). Therefore, a country's resources, are directed towards a small percentage of population, and not distributed evenly. This seemed to be a trend in development strategies in the Pacific.

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Dependence on foreign capital/foreign investment, and dependence on loans, also exists in the Pacific. Governments have also tended to become the providers of services and in doing so have become very powerful and centralised. Centralised government planning does not involve people in decision-making, women particularly. Women could get involved in development planning to try to influence its direction and to obtain some of the benefits of development.

It is important, however, for women to be aware of the types of development being promoted, when they participate. It would be effective for women to begin working at the local level, where women were very active. Planning participation at national level was harder for women.

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