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Women, Development and Empowerment: A Pacific Feminist Perspective



It was also noted that the Fiji Government (March 1987) had wanted the Women's Crisis Centre to remove the word “crisis” from their name. This highlighted a point made earlier that the people who control the institutions in society, who have the powers, can use these for their own purposes. It was suggested that progressive (or ‘radical’) women's organisations perhaps paid too much attention to women's organisations that did not want to be associated with the feminist women's movement, because they viewed feminism negatively. For progressive women, it might be more important to continue working to try to educate and explain issues, not just to conservative women, but to the community. Remaining in contact with conservative groups was important, but progressive organisations should not do this just to appease opposition.

It was pointed out it was the activism, not just the feminist ideas of progressive groups, that was sometimes considered threatening. Governments were also fearful of activism. Both women's organisations and the government were uncomfortable sometimes if the institutional framework of society was challenged.