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Women Speak Out! A Report of the Pacific Women's Conference. October 27 – November 2

How can we Improve things?

How can we Improve things?

For sure, the answer cannot be found inside the education system itself, because it naturally tends to continue the way it is. We have to make changes by pressures from the outside.

We should be tackling this in several different ways. page 38 The main points of attack would be -

Black and white photograph of a group of schoolgirls standing in lines.

Educating the parents to send their daughters to school…

  1. Educating the parents to send their daughters to school. We have to get parents to see and understand that the best investment in education is to get their girl children into school.

  2. Educating the employers to give proper, full career jobs to women and to accept us as real competitors for a wide range of jobs.

  3. Changing the school curriculum to include subjects and material which will show to both boys and girls, what women can do if they are given the chance.

  4. Teaching people about education so all kinds of people can see what is wrong with the system and think how to improve it.

  5. Appoint women advisors to Central and Local government education bodies.

  6. Have ‘balanced employment’ rules for government to give a good example and to get women into key jobs as models of what can be done.

  7. Generally raise women's consciousness.

page 39
Black and white photograph of schoolgirls in a typing lesson.

Changing the school curriculum so that all subjects are open to both boys and girls

Black and white photograph of schoolboys in a metalwork lesson.