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Women Speak Out! A Report of the Pacific Women's Conference. October 27 – November 2

New Zealand

New Zealand

I'd like to comment on the question of religion. I'd like to say again that religion for my people has not only affected them but has totally screwed them up, and today our young people not only reject religion but also reject the education system as a whole.

Religion. I belong to the Ngapuri tribe which is from the north of Auckland, up. Ours strayed from the main tribe. The missionaries came to our tribe and they taught us how to do away with any carvings at all, because my people were mad to believe that they were carved in the image of some of the evil people, of evil spirits and the devil. So they did away with this beautiful culture.

This is how religion had affected my people, and i still affecting them today. The churches own more land i the Ngapuri area than my people. We were made to believe that if you prayed long enough and you look up to God while page 25 the white man takes your land, you will get to heaven. This is what happened and is still happening today.