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Women Speak Out! A Report of the Pacific Women's Conference. October 27 – November 2

New Caledonia

New Caledonia

I'm from New Caledonia which is a French territory like Tahiti. Like the New Hebridean girl (Grace Mera) we have a very similar situation and it is very different from your situation, because we are under a colonial system.

In New Caledonia the priests and the ministers are going on with the colonial system. They are supporting it. My Tahitian sister was saying that the Bishop refused to take a stand against the nuclear tests. Like the sister on the Protestant side, I was not surprised because it is exactly the same in New Caledonia. When you know that the people who have come to speak of God perpetrate the colonial system, you ask yourself the question if they really represent God.

My Groupe, Groupe 1878, tries to get independence in New Caledonia. The young people don't go any more to church because they ask themselves if God really exists. Because the same people talk to us on the bible and now we have been left with the bible and they kept the arms.