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Women Speak Out! A Report of the Pacific Women's Conference. October 27 – November 2



Page (ii) – (top) Fiji Times, (bottom) Vanessa Griffen; page (vi) – Vanessa Griffen; page 5, 6, 16Ministry of Information, Fiji; page 26Vanessa Griffen; page 28 – W.H.O., T. Takahara; page 36Vanessa Griffen; page 38, 39, 56Ministry of Information, Fiji; page 58, 61, 62Vanessa Griffen; page 68 – Waihole-Waikane people's newsletter; page 78 – (top) Black Resource Centre, Melbourne; (middle) and (bottom) Ministry of Information; page 102Vanessa Griffen; page 104 – photo of Dewe Gorodey provided by Ruth Harris, remainder by Vanessa Griffen; page 110 – (top) Fiji Times; (bottom) Vanessa Griffen; page 133 – photo of Claire Slatter by Fiji Times, remainder by Vanessa Griffen.