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Women Speak Out! A Report of the Pacific Women's Conference. October 27 – November 2

The Curriculum

The Curriculum

Resolution 1: That the school curriculum be widened to include relevant activities to help train students for their community. A “basic” education course be included in the existing education core and this should cover all social, economic and political skills (which does not exist in the present curriculum) which the child requires for all the different roles he/she will be expected to play in the future.

Resolution 2: That the formal school curriculum include a course mounted especially to help students to understand one another and their own culture and the different roles they will need to play in their own society. That educational programmes for parents and guardians be organised to involve them in this programme.

Resolution 3: That greater emphasis be put on the development and implementation of courses on local craft and local food preservation.

Resolution 4: That the curriculum of Pacific schools be Pacific orientated and youth be trained to respect their land, their identity and their heritage. This will involve a thorough examination of the present formal school system. Foreign elements which demote such a process should be removed and new ones evolved to replace them. Relevant basic texts to support such a revised re-orientation course must be written for the Pacific area. Education must be for self-reliance.

Resolution 5: That the educational authorities be urged to re-examine and ban all text books that use sexist and imperialistic language and concepts.

Resolution 6: This Conference recognises that in many areas “pidgin” or the vernacular language is a valid and beautiful language spoken by the majority, not only nationally but also regionally. Therefore, in order that education serves the masses, national development, unity and regional co-operation, these languages should be the language of instruction.