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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 8 (November 1939)

“Making New Zealand.”

Making New Zealand.”

Congratulations to the Centennial Branch of the Internal Affairs Department on the first issues of “Making New Zealand” the series of pictorial surveys on which a staff of specially selected writers and artists has been busy for some time. I have seen advance copies of the first two issues to be published on 1st November, and of numbers three and four to follow on 15th November. The aim of the compiler has been achieved in a series of surveys to interest everybody. The genius behind the pictorial side appears to have combed every book and periodical of New Zealand interest, and the blockmaker having done his job well the resultant gallery of pictures is an invaluable record for all time. The narratives accompanying these pictures are concise, interesting, and, where need be, dramatic. Each survey is in magazine form of thirty-two pages with over 60 illustrations and 5,000 words of text. The titles of the first four issues are:—“The Beginning” by Dr. R. S. Allan (primeval New Zealand before the advent of man); “The Maori” by Dr., E. Beaglehole (the communal life and customs of the Maori before the white man came); “Navigators and Explorers” by J. D. Pascoe (interior pioneering as well as marine discovery); and “Whalers and Sealers” by D. O. W. Hall.

There are thirty pictorial surveys in the complete series and the price is 1/-each. For readers who wish to collect the pictorials and have them bound into more permanent form, binding cases will be available at 3/- each (to hold 15 copies).