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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4 (July 1, 1939)

Back to City Life

Back to City Life.

You will leave the Great Barrier with regret, for you will have learned to love its hills and valleys, its rugged peaks, its blue deep waters and its pools. You will have learned to love the carefree, simple life where only the necessities really matter; where money and politics count for little and everyone passes everyone the friendly word. But your old way of living cannot be forever abandoned. You must needs point your prow back to the city. Perhaps you will sail across to the Coromandel Peninsula and work your way down those uninhabited shores; or maybe you will stand across to the mainland and take the homeward journey in easy stages, calling at Omaha, Matakana or Mahaurangi on your way. Eventually you will find yourself back in the Waitemata Harbour, most likely becoming a unit in that fleet of pleasure boats that makes its way home on Sunday afternoon, from all the bays and islands of the gulf. And if you have to take the train back to the south, you will again sit in your carriage and press your nose to the window glass until the last blue glimpse of water has vanished from sight. Then you will sit back and make your vow. You will vow that at some other time you will come back and cruise again on those lovely waters of New Zealand's Yachtsmen's Paradise.

“When I was young, and better looking than I am now,” remarked a speaker at a Wellington smoke concert, “I was engaged to be married, and my financé (a confirmed smoker of cigarettes herself), was always asking me why I wasn't smoking. Gentlemen, I didn't because I couldn't (Laughter). But I pretended that I could. I said I smoked a pipe, but made all sorts of excuses for failing to produce it. Well, one evening my intended presented me with a fine briar. Seeing I was cornered I accepted a fill from her father's tobacco-jar (strong stuff!) in his absence, and tremblingly lit up. In ten minutes I had had more than enough—and hurriedly left the room—just in time! (Laughter). However, I've been a smoker for years now. I learned of Riverhead Gold. It's toasted, and like the other New Zealand tobaccos (Navy Cut No. 3. Cavendish, Desert Gold and Cut Plug No. 10) it's practically free from nicotine. The toasting does it! I smoke New Zealand tobacco, gentlemen, because I can't get any that is better — or half as good.” (Applause.)*