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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4 (July 1, 1939)

A Warm Stream Flowing

A Warm Stream Flowing.

At Whangaparapara, a harbour as impressive as its name, there is unfortunately ample evidence of human vandalism. The bush-cutters have been and are still at work denuding the forest of its kauri trees. On one shore are the ruins of a timber-mill with weathered timber and odd bits of machinery lying about in unsightly disorderliness, while beyond this, cutting through the green like a yellow wound, is the present bushman's trolley-way. If you have the temerity to follow this trolley line and the equilibrium to scramble across the trestle bridges (unfloored and unbalustraded) you will eventually come to a place where a warm green stream flows among the trees. This spot is known to the initiated as the Hot Springs. To bathe in one of the pools is a new sensation and a pleasant one. Just imagine! A warm bath out under the trees and plenty of room in which to splash around. Ample reward for a long and strenuous walk? There are many who would think so.