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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4 (July 1, 1939)

Prepared for Any Eventuality

Prepared for Any Eventuality.

With the peak period for summer holiday travel fast approaching, the Home railways are reaping the benefit of the many ambitious improvement schemes brought into being at various stations and junctions during the long months of depression, and of the fine new locomotives and rolling-stock built in the railway shops. Railway revenues have been steadily creeping up for the past month or two, and given freedom from further war scares this welcome recovery should proceed on an even more rapid scale.

Because of the threat of aggression, railways here and in all the peace-loving nations of Europe have taken special steps to protect their property and to assist the authorities to the full in any emergency. Vulnerable points (like junctions, marshalling yards and controls) have been safeguarded from any possible attack by air; plans perfected for the evacuation from the danger centres of women and children; and special time-tables worked out for the movement of troops and supplies. Our railways to-day are prepared for any eventuality, but with good neighbourliness and calm understanding prevailing among the nations there will be no necessity for bringing all this special machinery into motion. Railways in the past have played an enormously important part in promoting international friendship and goodwill.