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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4 (July 1, 1939)

Summary of the Month

Summary of the Month.

Passing over several pages, which contained an Historical Ballad and also a lengthy review of a book—“The Constituent Assembly of France,” by N. de page 20 page 21 Lamartine, we come to “Summary of the Month,” wherein, under “Court and Fashion” it is noted that the Queen and the Royal Family were at Osborn during the first three weeks of the month, after which they left for Windsor where the Christmas season was to be spent. The festivities at the castle would be on that “liberal and enlightened scale for which the castle has, during the present propitious reign, been so justly celebrated.”

Under “Politics,” the news related to the resignation of Lord Palmerston from the post of Home Secretary and to his subsequent return to that office.

In “Foreign Affairs” much of the space was given to the Turko-Russian war, which still engrossed public attention “to the exclusion of almost every other topic.”

“Colonial News” noted that “in Australia a glut had succeeded—in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide—to the famine which about six months before seemed to threaten the destruction of the colony.”