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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 9 (December 1, 1938)

Railway Progress In New Zealand — General Manager's Message. — Happy Christmas

page 8

Railway Progress In New Zealand
General Manager's Message.
Happy Christmas

With the approach of the festive season the Hon. D. G. Sullivan, Minister of Railways, desires me to again express to all members of the Service, to all clients of the Department, and to all readers of the Magazine, his best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.

In associating myself with the Hon. Minister in these seasonable greetings and good wishes, I would like to add that much of the pleasure of the Christmas period lies in the opportunities presented for maintaining the traditional family reunions which do so much to hold together the bonds and sustain the joy of home life. In the movement of the people throughout the festive season the Railways are called upon, year after year, to do the major portion of this work, and the spirit and efficiency in which this is done are important contributing factors to the happiness of the principal vacation period of the year.

The personal feature of our service is a most important one, and the present is an appropriate occasion on which to remind all members of the staff who come into direct contact with the public how much their attitude towards the customers of the Department can do to help in maintaining that spirit of happiness with which the Christmas season is so conspicuously associated.

Courtesy at all times in dealing with their many phases of contact with the public, accuracy in the supply of information, and care in the handling of luggage, are matters which members of the Service should constantly keep in mind, even in the busiest moments of the holiday season, in order that the good name of the Department, and its personnel, for transport efficiency may be upheld and enhanced.

In particular I would ask for every consideration to be extended towards the elderly and the infirm, and that special thought and attention should be given to mothers travelling with young children.

By doing these things which mean so much for the comfort and enjoyment of those who entrust themselves to our care, members will not only be carrying out their obvious duty towards the travelling public, but will also be adding to their own happiness and materially assisting towards that truly Christmas spirit which the Minister and Management desire to see reflected throughout the Service.

General Manager.