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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

Preserve Cupboard

Preserve Cupboard.

Upon these laden shelves last season's wealth is stored away; The jars are warm with coloured fruits in tempting rich array.

The plums are rosy marbles jostling in a scarlet sea,
And gooseberries are whiskered globes of green transparency; Peaches and apricots that burned through golden summer weeks In ripening stages on the bough now press their sun-flushed cheeks Against relentless walls of glass; in gravy dark with spice Lurk glooming walnuts; rhubarb jars are packed with crimson dice,
And onions swim in vinegar, each like a pallid moon A glimmer in a rainy sky. Squat jars of rich maroon Hold round red beetroot slices, and through syrup amber-clear As autumn sun gleam luscious curves of honey-coloured pear.
Ah, when the kitchen-garden's bare,
and bare the orchard trees,
With what deep satisfaction do I come and gaze at these.

* * *