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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

Success of Electrification

Success of Electrification.

According to recent official statements, electrification is proving an immense success on the Southern Railway. The Southern, of course, is fortunate in serving territory lending itself admirably to electrification, and the authorities have never sanctioned any conversion without first having assured themselves that the cost and working expenses of electric traction, less the working expenses of the steam service to be withdrawn, would be greatly exceeded by the value of the increased traffic which would result. So far, the results of electrification have greatly exceeded the estimates. The increase in receipts resulting from the London-Brighton conversion, for example, has amounted to a return of 22.6 per cent. upon the outlay. In the London suburban area, the total cost of electrification has resulted in a return of approximately 27 per cent. on capital expenditure, and 16 per cent. on the total expenditure. While on the subject of electrification, it is interesting to note that, with a view to forming an opinion as to the potentialities of main-line conversions, the Great Western Railway has arranged for expert advice to be given concerning the suitabliity or otherwise of electric traction over its trunk routes between Taunton and Penzance.

Germany's “Flying Hamburger” Express.

Germany's “Flying Hamburger” Express.