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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

Birds of Passage-money

Birds of Passage-money.

But this is the time for the annual migration of the wise birds of the north who have the wherewithal to flap their wings. This is the time when Silas E. Scape and Colonel Grouse-Moor consider pegging a claim for a place in the sun. This is the time when we say, “Come to New Zealand!”

We do not command, we do not boast; we offer a plea. We've got the goods; therefore we plea. All the best people do it. In England they plea, “Come to Oogle on the Ooze,” “Come to Catchup cum Mush!” “Come to Woop-Slushing!” Why should we be too high-hat to do it?

There may be no reason why the British public should come to Woop-Slushing; the reasons why they should not may be overwhelming; but they like to be invited. They feel insulted if they are not asked to Little Poshing-in-the-puddle or Bounding-on-the-Lea. They feel neglected if they are not confronted with posters urging them to come somewhere for the summer.