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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

Call for The Tigers

Call for The Tigers.

“Now the firing around No. 3 became hotter than ever, and the 40th called for reinforcements. The regimental call of the 65th rang out.

“The great bearded fellows, looking more like bushrangers than soldiers, fell in without a moment's delay. Before the bugle had sounded a third appeal for help, the column of fours was out of the redoubt and, under command of the senior Captain, was off over the plain at a steady double.

“The remainder of the Tigers, leaning over the parapet, watched the drama which was being enacted in front. As the three companies passed No. 2 Redoubt, the occupants gave them a loud cheer, and in a few minutes more the advanced redoubt was reached.

“Day was now breaking, the fire was not so continuous as before, and what there was came from the front face principally.

“Loud cheers rose from the 40th as they saw the Tigers coming. They called out that the ditch in front of the redoubt was crammed with Maoris, but that the thickness of the parapet and want of flanking defence prevented their rifles being sufficiently depressed to reach the attackers.