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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

Mixed Teams on Tour

Mixed Teams on Tour.

Reference to the fact that there is no hockey for women on the Olympic programme brings up the discussion recently held by the New Zealand Amateur Athletic Association over the question of sending mixed teams abroad. In the past New Zealand has sent six women to Olympic Games and from a competitive point of view there have been no complaints. The difficulty of managing mixed teams-when no manager has been sent in special charge of the feminine section-has been obvious, but at the Empire Games, when Mrs. E. G. Sutherland was sent as a chaper-one-the first occasion the Olympic and Empire Games Association has been financially responsible for a chaperone- the difficulties were not caused by the feminine members. The difficulties, it is understood, were caused by the relatives who were not officially attached to the team.

Women competitors in swimming and track and field sport are the means of attracting large attendances, and rightly claim the equal right of selection in New Zealand teams. During the progress of the Empire Games it became obvious that the principal attraction at that great gathering was Miss Decima Norman. In a slightly smaller degree, Miss Shona Oliphant was the outstanding personality at the New Zealand track and field championship meeting last season. Should such an outstanding competitor be denied representative honours it would be a penalty not deserved by the excellent type of feminine athletes New Zealand possesses. The page 62 remedy would seem to be the appointment of a capable chaperone-manageress who would have charge of the feminine section of the team.