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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 4 (July 1, 1938.)

One Woman 20 Points Down

One Woman 20 Points Down.

Whether they know it or not many thousands of people who are fat have high blood pressure.

Your Doctor can explain all that.

And he can also tell you that if these thousands of fat folks would lose a goodly part of their excess fat they would also lose their dangerous high blood pressure.

Take the case of this woman, for example—just one of thousands that have lost fat by taking a daily dose of Kruschen Salts.

In a grateful letter she writes:— “I have had trouble with my back and high blood pressure. I was always tired and was twenty pounds overweight. I tried taking Kruschen Salts, and lost five pounds in one week. The pain has stopped and blood pressure is 20 points down, and now I can get around much quicker and feel 100 per cent, perfect, thanks to Kruschen Salts. I will always recommend them.“—(Mrs.) D.W.

To lose fat the safe, inexpensive way. take one-half teaspoon of Kruschen in a glass of hot water every morning before breakfast—cut down on fatty meats, potatoes, cream, butter, and sweets.

Furthermore, millions of people the world over—lean people—thin people—all kinds of people take Kruschen Salts for constipation, dizzy spells, sluggish liver and headache—it helps to put vigour and ambition into the indolent and makes those who take the “little daily dose” gloriously alive and active.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/3 per bottle.

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