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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 2 (May 2, 1938.)

Making Rail Travel Popular

Making Rail Travel Popular.

Clean and bright passenger stations can do a great deal to popularise rail-way travel. One way of adding to the attractiveness of stations consists in the cultivation of pleasing flower gardens, and the placing of flower boxes and hanging baskets full of gay plants on platforms and in other suitable positions. The Home railways encourage this activity by promoting each year prize contests for the best-kept stations, and with spring in the air the railroadmen's gardening activities are now in full swing. Another way in which the Home lines are popularising rail travel takes the form of providing special motor car parks at the principal city and suburban station. The daily charge for parking at stations in or near large towns or industrial areas in normally one shilling for motor cars and sixpence for motor cycles. In rural areas, Where space is usually less valuable, these charges are halved. The station car park has proved a great boon to the regular passenger, who drives to the station in the morning, leaves his car in the railway “park” all day, and picks it up again in the evening on his return. Seasn tickets are issued for this purpose at reduced rates.