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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 9 (December 1, 1937.)

Modern Carriage Shed at Euston

Modern Carriage Shed at Euston.

As the first stage of the big scheme for the reconstruction of Euston Station, London, the L. M. & S. Railway is now constructing a large modern carriage shed and new carriage marshalling and storage sidings, on a site about seven miles outside Euston. The project, estimated to cost £400,000, involves the excavation and removal of some 295,000 cubic yards of material. The scheme will give additional accommodation for 600 coaches, while the new shed will make it possible for 200 coaches at a time to be prepared and equipped under cover, preparatory to being marshalled into trains for departure. Equipment of the most modern page 50 page 51 type will be provided for vacuum-cleaning, steam-heating and battery-charging, while bed-linen for the sleeping cars will be stored in heated linen-rooms. In connection with the carrying-out of this scheme, opportunity is being taken to increase the siding accommodation for the reception of freight trains from the Midlands and North at Sudbury Sidings, Willesden, thus easing the working of traffic in the London-bound direction.

Electric Train on the Danish State Railways.

Electric Train on the Danish State Railways.