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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 3 (June 1, 1937)

going ski-ing?

going ski-ing?

More and more New Zealanders are taking advantage of their winter playgrounds. Of sports, ski-ing gives, in full measure, the pleasures of skill, grace and speed. Here, as in everything, we poor humans have to clothe ourselves suitably against the elements and for ease of movement.

For a ski-ing holiday, the wardrobe is as important as transport and accommodation. The best material for ski-suits is proofed gabardine. Have plus-fours or trousers, whichever you prefer. The suit is best made in a dark colour (black, navy blue or green) with accent given by gay accessories—gloves, scarves, caps. Don't forget the long, woollen, knitted stockings for wear with plus-fours. Good ski-boots are very important. Of course, they may be hired at the mountain hostelries; but once having ski-ed, you are bound to do it again, so it is well to buy your own boots, made to your own measurements. Skiing is like golf. It requires a fairly large outlay at the start, but once having begun, the initial expense is soon forgotten or regarded as well worth-while in view of the pleasure already received and still to come.

The most useful garments for wear round about the accommodation house are tweed skirts, silk shirt blouses and woollen jumpers or cardigans. Woollen undies, of course, are an important part of a winter wardrobe.

Be ready for merry evenings. Have two or three pretty dance frocks and a comfortable wrap.

My best wishes for one of the best holidays you've ever had.

* * *