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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2 (May 1, 1937)

An Old Sport Revived

An Old Sport Revived.

Slowly but surely wood-chopping as a sport is coming back to popular favour.

It has been stated that popularity of sporting exercises go in a cycle, and this does seem to be so.

A few years ago wood-chopping figured on the programme at nearly every sports gathering outside the page 108 cities. Those were the days when cash athletics flourished. Bad times saw cash sport suffer, and with no means of providing prizes many of the clubs ceased operating.

With the return of prosperity, these clubs are beginning to recommence from where they left off, and chopping is due for a boom period.

Quite recently the people at Danne-virke were thrilled by an exhibition of what was termed “Australian chopping.” In this contest the axemen had to cut notches up the side of a tree, insert foot-rests, and on reaching a mark near the top of the tree chop off the top.

The skill needed in fitting the foot-rests and the balance required when near the top makes for an event that is sure to appeal wherever it is staged.

Chopping is one of the big draw-cards at the Sydney Royal Show, and might well be included among New Zealand's Centennial displays.