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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2 (May 1, 1937)

Household Notes

Household Notes.

Home-made Hat Stand.

Hats are quite an expensive item, so it should be our aim to keep them smart and new looking as long as possible. Of course we know that the brim should be kept off the shelf if it is to retain its original line, but after we have had the hat for a little while, we are apt to toss it carelessly aside and no consideration given to the effect on the hat of our action.

Here is ah idea for a useful and inexpensive stand: Make a roll of cardboard about six or seven inches long and pin it securely into position with paper clips. Then stand your hat on the roll and it will be out of harm's way.


Much waste is incurred in cases where bottles have once been opened and then recorked with corks which do not fit sufficiently well to keep the bottle airtight and prevent evaporation. To remedy this, melt a candle and let the hotmelted wax cover the cork and the neck of the bottle where the cork fits in. This will prevent any waste.

Turning a Mattress.

To keep a mattress in good condition, turn it from end to end every other day, and from side to side on alternate days.