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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2 (May 1, 1937)

The Credibility of The Incredible

The Credibility of The Incredible.

“Haven't you observed that, as soon as a thing seems likely, nobody wants to hear about it? But when it's utterly unbelievable everybody wants to believe it? In the words of Ana-know-us, we strain at a snack and swallow a mangle. If I tell you that Noah put to sea in the Ark you merely say, “Yeah; saw it at the pictures.” But if I assure you that the Ark put to sea in Noah your interest is immediately whetted—soaked, in fact. When you hear the old story of how Henry VIII made a slip-knot of the marriage tie, you merely think of him as The Marry Monarch, the king who played Crown and Anchor without the anchor, the monarch who approached matrimony rather as a hobby than a hubby, history's most persistent widower. But when I tell you that, to Hen, women were the fear sex, and that he stayed single and kept his old mother, you are carried away by my tour de farce.