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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2 (May 1, 1937)

Railway Postage Stamps

Railway Postage Stamps.

Railwaymen the world over are rightly famous for their wise indulgence in all kinds of healthy and interesting hobbies. A most fascinating spare-time pursuit attracting many is the collection of foreign postage stamps. Recently a splendid collection of postage stamps featuring railway subjects came to my notice. Mexico was one of the first countries to depict railway scenes on its stamps. As long ago as 1895, Mexico issued a set of stamps depicting various methods of handling mails, and included a train view in the series. Uruguay next gave us a locomotive picture on its stamps, while Honduras produced a complete set of stamps showing a typical steam locomotive of the early type. In 1901, to celebrate the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, U.S.A., there was issued a special stamp depicting an express passenger train. Ecuador and Guatemala have also issued many railway stamps. Some years ago, Belgium produced parcel post stamps bearing a locomotive design. In 1922 Russia introduced a postage stamp carrying a picture of a train emerging from a tunnel. Especially interesting was the special set of four stamps issued in Egypt, to celebrate the holding in Cairo in 1933 of the International Railway Congress. Each of these stamps depicted a steam locomotive working at various times on the Egyptian State Railways.