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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 1 (April 1, 1937)



Savoury Bacon Tart.

Rub half lb. lard into one lb. plain flour and mix to a stiff paste with cold water. Roll out one-half of the pastry and line a plate. Cover with a layer of thin bacon rashers, then a layer of sliced onions, and lastly a layer of sliced tomatoes. Sprinkle with pepper and salt, cover with remaining pastry and bake in hot oven.

Note: It is a matter of opinion whether the bacon is fried and the onions partially cooked beforehand.

Londonderry Potatoes.

Scrub thoroughly and carefully bake as many large potatoes as required. When done break each potato open near the middle, make a hole with a spoon and insert a good lump of butter and a teaspoon of grated cheese well mixed with salt and pepper. Return to oven for a few minutes and serve very hot. Very good for cold day lunch or supper.

Meat-and-Rice Loaf.

Take two cups of cold rice, two cups finely chopped meat, two eggs, two tablespoons butter, two tablespoons chopped parsley, half onion, salt and pepper. Fry onion in fat until brown, put in cold rice and meat and stir well. Remove from the fire, add eggs and seasoning, place in a dish and bake until brown. Turn out on a hot dish and pour tomato sauce over.

Potato Dumplings.

One cupful cooked potatoes, half cupful flour, three-quarters teaspoon baking powder, one egg, salt and pepper, finely-chopped parsley. Mash the potato, add the flour, baking powder, salt, pepper and parsley; then the well-beaten egg. Mix in well. Drop spoonfuls into boiling stew about thirty minutes before the stew is to be served.

Dutch Cutlet.

Mince one lb. of beefsteak, mix with the meat pepper, salt, one cup breadcrumbs, one minced onion and bind with one egg. Form into a flat cake, put into a greased baking-tin with two cups water, one tablespoon sauce and one minced onion, and put a slice of bacon on top. Cover with buttered paper and bake in moderate oven for one hour. Garnish with tomato slices and parsley.