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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 1 (April 1, 1937)


To renovate a black straw hat, brush off the dust, apply methylated spirits with a small brush and leave till dry.

To remove grease-spots from leather, apply the white of an egg to the spots and allow to dry in the sunshine.

To remove a spot of oil from a frock dab it with a small piece of bread dampened with petrol.

Broken china, glassware, woodwork, etc., may be easily and satisfactorily mended by mixing ordinary flour with vinegar into a firm paste and applying to parts to be mended. Allow to set before using.

To raise pile of velvet, hold the wrong side of the material over a jug or basin of boiling water. This will cause the pile to rise.

To retain the crispness of organdie dip it in methylated spirits after washing, dry as usual, and iron while damp. Organdie treated thus will retain colour and freshness for months.

If a scorched article is immediately put into boiling water and left for a while, the mark will fade out.

A mixture of washing-blue and breadcrumbs will remove stains from silver shoes.