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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 1 (April 1, 1937)

Ordeals and Raw Deals

Ordeals and Raw Deals.

Life would fall flat with a moan like a punctured pie were it denuded of the little odd ordeals that punctuate the earnest exigencies of existence.

The little annoyances that confound complacency are the spice in life, the condiments in consciousness and the buzz in being. They are cautionary concepts, peripatetic pin-pricks, designed by Destiny to keep existence on the jump and the heart a'hopping.

No human being is content in contentment for any length of time. He imagines that he could be perfectly happy being perfectly happy. But he is wrong. It would make him miserable. Hence the trifles that trip, the rifts in the loot, the little things that discount.

Such trifling tribulations are various and variegated. What is one man's pleasure is another man's poison. What is benediction to Brown is a jinx to Jones. What gingers up George irritates Irwin. Plantaganet's pleasure is odium to Oswald; and so on.